I love getting my mouth close to a man’s body when I’m massaging his body. It’s always a very erotic experience. My hot breath glancing off his body as I explore and stimulate as well as massage his entire body from head to toe. I like to take my time touching and my mouth gently grazing along with my hands over his erogenous zones. My sexual energy and passion for pleasing him transferring from my body to his. Him feeling all my passion as I explore and tease him. Always starting with him laying on his stomach and me starting at his head and neck. Shoulders arms while my body lowers onto his slightly then more and then down his back down down occasionally sliding a hand back up around his head. Especially if he’s bald. But still either way it stimulates the brain and reminds it so receives the sexual energy in sending. Down down his back then gently grazing my fingertips over his buttocks. Sliding between his legs and parting them I slide down his thighs and back up slowly and methodically. Ever so lightly at first then easing into a massage touch. My mouth lowers to his lower back as I slide a hand gently up between his thighs up and tease his balls as my mouth breathes and kisses his back … more?


6 thoughts on “Seth’s Massage

  1. I love it when a man’s mouth gets close to my body when I am being massaged. Sounds like I would be your ideal client. I do like a firm rub though. None of that lightly tickling fingers thing and buttocks and taint and inner thigh don’t usually get the attention they deserve. They need a good thorough work over – enough to stimulate the prostate through the skin from constant and prolonged rubbing and pounding and rhythmic pressure. Often there is too much of a hurry to progress to turning over to sunny side up. But I wouldn’t complain either way. Guarantee that.

  2. I have to be honest that I love it when the massage gets to this point. The gentle touch from another man can be a turn on and after a while it’s difficult to resist to touch or kiss, lick or suck. Is that bad?

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