Root Chakra – Red ; The first of the seven energy centres. Also known as Muladhara,a point on your rosebud. This chakra represents your connect to mother earth. Gradually expose your arsehole to the sun. Place one gentle finger on your anal lips, and slowly trace around your rosebud in a circle motion. Gradually increasing your touch and speed. After 81 circles, pout your lips, and gently spank with the very tips of your middle finger. Spinning the root chakras

Sex Chakra – Orange. Orange is the colour of your second chakra, which is located above your cock. This chakra represents all your goodness. This is the chakra that eliminates all your positive energy. Place your hand above your cock with your thumb facing your belly button. Let your hand vibrate so that your cock starts to dance. Gradually increase the vigour of your vibrations, so that your cock goes from a slow waltz to a more traditional cock dance. Take huge big deep breathes. Gradually moving your thumb above your belly button without actually touching it. Continue to vibrate, from gentle to vigorous.Spinning the sex chakra.

Yellow Belly Button Chakra.- Yellow.Also known as your solar plexus chakra. Your Yellow Belly. This hungry chakra is your warrior. The chakra that helps you to be inspired by your big fat deepest fears. The center of your being – the essence of you, and, the colour of sunshine and the colour of the third energy centre – the belly button /solar plexus chakra. The main energy of yellow is intellect. Intelligence from fear. Cup your hands together and palace them over your belly button and let your hands pulse. A single beat everytime you count to 7, and gradually reducing through 6, 5, 4, 3 2, and at one give a massive blast. Spinning the yellow chakra.

Heart Chakra –  is a Celtic Green Green Colour. Green is the main heart chakra colour. It is the colour of loving kindness, sexual healing, balance, tranquillity, and serenity. Green brings wholeness to our lives and it is the colour most frequently found in nature. Place your tantric hands on your heart think of a loving kindness act you done in the last week. Feel that energy in the very tips of your fingertips. Gradually increase your loving kindness into the core of your fingers and down into the palms of your hand. Come on m8, I want you to radiate, your loving kindness, the chakra that celebrates the man that you are. Spinning from your hands into your heart. Thank god you had the bollox, to do, rather talk. Spinning your heart chakra, your green chakra.

Let your light blue, Throat Chakra – Emanate your knowledge, without giving it away for free. The fact that you are new to tantra means it’s time to communicate your wisdom. Use that to judge who you connect with, who you communicate with. Place a closed fist just below your neck and vibrate your communication, your wisdom. Happy Days. Spinning the light blue chakra The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and its colour is blue. It is one the three primary colors. The main energy of blue is communication and it is the color used to soothe the holy sole. Explore this Divine colour in depth, Place your joined hands close below your throat, and vibrate as vigorously as you, please.

Third Eye Chakra – Dark Blue/Purple. Place your best fingertip between your 2 eyebrows and vibrate from gentle to extreme. The sixth energy centre – your third eye, your dark blue chakra. It is the colour that opens the consciousness and brings awareness to higher planes and connects your knowledge, your deepest wisdom. Helps to connect between the wisdom of your cocks and the wisdom of your minds. Even for the weakest warrior that is a huge knowledge. An almighty, wisdom.

Crown chakra colour PURPLE is the colour of the crown chakra and it is the colour of YOUR connection to the universe. Cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness. It is a unifying colour, the colour of oneness and spirituality. The energy of this colour is very healing and can soothe away the pain. This chakra is your connect to the universe, the spiritual world. Place your connected fists on the top of your Manifestation at the crown chakra. and vigorously transmit, your excellence, from head to toe.

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