According to Thomas Hauser‘s book, “The Black Lights” which was published in 1985, there had up until then been seven world champion boxers who were gay. It is one of the most widely heralded books ever written on boxing. There has been much speculation on social media, butt, what i love is that almost every boxer past and present, has been named apart from the bleeding obvious, Boxing is a “funny” old sport.

Riccardo Saponara’s Public Male Spanking

4 thoughts on “7 World Champion Boxers Who Loved Cock

  1. come on! tell us! who are these seven champs? or are we supposed to buy that book!

  2. When I was in college, I learned of an underground scene involving a lot of athletes. Now, there was an unwritten “no penetration” rule, but a lot of jerking off. ✊?? And yes, boxers, wrestlers, and the like were present.

  3. Oh, I get i. It would be more difficult to name 5 that were straight. LOL I don’t agree that boxing is a funny game, i think it is a game of gentlemen, bullock lickers or not.

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