I’m not a fan of labels. I am attracted to women, but there is something about a hot, muscled up stud with a big cock that really gets me going. I’m 50 and still don’t know what I am. I thought in my teen years that I might be gay, because I used to check out all the guys in locker room. I was fascinated with their cocks. I wanted to touch them and suck them. On the other hand, I loved looking at the hot girls. I liked looking at how their boobs moved and giggled. I couldn’t stop staring at their asses. When I finally got to college, I started hooking up with older men secretly. I had a girlfriend but I preferred sex with the men. There was nothing like feeling a silky cock in your mouth, the way his balls would tighten up right before he came in my mouth. But on the other hand, I loved to titty fuck my girlfriend. A man couldn’t do that! I was soooo confused! I finally married a woman and gave up men. But as the years have passed I realized how much I miss cock. Lately, I’ve been cruising a few gay sites for other married, local guys. I haven’t found one yet, but I hope to soon. My point is, I still have no clue if I’m gay, straight or bi! I don’t care anymore. I still like women, but I NEED cock.

I consider myself a gay man but through Reading this site, I see that labels (gay or straight) cause barriers that have no need in today’s world. I have had my share of wank buddies and str8 bit on the side. It didn’t effect our friendships, and has not hurt anyone. We always new exactly what it was. Just some carnal play between consenting couples, who enjoy sex. Really love this site and hope others see it as it puts things as they are. Sex, labels and fantasies. Explore with care, and you’ll be rewarded.


2 thoughts on “If He Only Knew

    1. Hey…there’s nothing wrong with still fancying some cock. Just go for it. You could just cruise, but it can be dangerous and not altogether safe from a sexual health point of view. Sadly, I haven’t had a bare cock inside me for a while now. I miss the feel of flesh on flesh and the excitement when he shoots a load inside me.

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