For years now, my sexual life has been about reconciling the joy of sex with the spiritual side of me, worshipping the divine presence I could feel, and sometimes truly see, in my orgasms. In search of that ultimate orgasm, I explored Tantric and Taoist massage, long sessions of breathing exercises with the Pantra, meditation under the influence of Cannabis. And yes, slowly but surely, my sessions have been longer, more fulfilling, allowing my soul to ride on faster and more powerful orgasmic waves: I have learned to redirect my anal orgasms to my dickhead, my toes, my burning tits, my boiling balls, all the way to my head. It has become a true “out-of-body” experience: I see kaleidoscopic visions of the world, of the source of all life, including mine, pulsating deep inside me, in the center of my body, between my legs. It is total bliss, and I want these moments never to end. But it is so intense, that I cannot keep the intensity on my own for much more than a few minutes. Still, these multiple orgasms, one right after the other, have been the essence of my meditations for quite a few years now. My sessions will go for usually 2 to 3 hours, and often I end up by allowing myself to ejaculate, but not always. Sometimes, it is good to stop without shooting: it leaves a nice feeling of intense heat in my balls for many hours! But shooting a big load after such a long session of multiple orgasms is just an awesome experience. At some point, you feel you need to stop, or you will lose control and end up shooting!

It is actually not about loosing control, it is about letting the divine in you take control! I just keep my breathing exercises, moving my pelvis against the cushions to push the Pantra against my sacred G-spot, sending waves of pleasure through my dick, balls and spine, while a squeeze my very sensitive tits. Waves after waves, I feel I will shoot, but not yet, the waves become stronger and stronger, the pleasure opens my legs wide apart, I see kaleidoscopic views of golden waters spurting out of a fountain of life, like semen out of a dick. But then, something in me knows that there is no return, but I try to hold it more, I lay still, I sniff poppers, I hyperventilate 20 times then stop breathing till I cannot hold it any longer. And again I move my pelvis and the orgasmic waves start again shooting out of my inner being. Now, I feel my semen boiling inside me, being pushed along my urethra towards my dickhead, contraction after contraction, very strong, very slow contractions that each time make me scream and nearly pass out. I can nearly visualize my sperm progressing along the shaft of my dick.

My ass contracts as well around the Pantra, and the orgasm sends me totally out of my body. I have become a vibrating orgasmic soul. I no longer can tell the difference between my balls, my dick, my ass or my tits. The whole of my body has become a huge vibrating sexual organ, sending incredible energy to the world and my soul. Finally, right before passing out, usually after I stopped breathing for well over a minute if not two, I see bright light pouring out of my body, and feel the bright pure sperm squirting out of my dick, fountain of life that will stay pulsating for long after the last drop of semen has been ejaculated. And recently, I found a way to make it even better. I put the Pantra in my ass, but connect an electro-stimulation device between my stainless steel ball-stretcher and a silver “sperm-stopper” (it has a little ball that goes inside my dickhead). And I stimulate non-stop. That allows me to orgasm constantly, instead of having to rest for a minute or two before doing it again. It is no longer multiple orgasms, but one never ending orgasm. And ultimately, my soul will take over, and I will explode inside me, become that huge sexual pulsation of energy, and shoot white life all over me, without touching my dick. I hope this can help some of you reach the Universe! Love and hugs!

Hindu Brahmin Slut says My daily orgasms are my daily worship to the God almighty now. I wish to understand those intricate ways to keep up that orgasmic intensity to enhance my devotion.

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  1. My daily orgasms are my daily worship to the God almighty now. I wish to understand those intricate ways to keep up that orgasmic intensity to enhance my devotion..

    1. If you want orgasmic intensity you should do the same as me. I have a Muslim boyfriend who shares me with his friends. My orgasms are uncontrollable.

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