What a great site! I love to suck cock and guess what. I am totally straight! I have no attraction to men or gay porn and I don’t really care to be sucked by a guy. I am married to an absolutely beautiful woman whom I love to fuck and eat but I still love to suck on a cock. I became fascinated by the thought when my wife was talking about the power she felt when she gave a guy a blowjob. She said it was no big deal to blow a guy! I thought to myself, “what’s the difference if it’s her or me sucking a guy off”. I find that, along with shaft licking and ball humming, change of pace and pressure gets great results. Sometimes I just start jacking them off for a minute before I let him go deep. That always works! I also love to swallow. That’s my reward! I will suck a great cock anytime I can get it.

5 thoughts on “Licking & Humming

  1. Wow! “I’m totally straight”, “I have no attraction to men”, but you love to suck & lick cock and balls and swallow a load. “I will suck a great cock anytime I can get it”. OK man, whatever you have to tell yourself. “What’s the difference” is that you’re a man, eagerly sucking a man’s cock & getting his cum, and she is a woman doing the same. Why the insistence on being “straight”? Just own it dude.

  2. I love the smell, the taste and the sensation of a throbbing dick in my mouth. My tongue explores all the wonderful detail in every shape and size of dicks…just waiting for the explosion of hot jizz to lather up my face and partners shaft while I lap up the juice as it covers his wonderful balls! I suck them into my hot mouth and let them roll around while grasping the stiff shaft. It’s even hotter in public!

  3. In addition to sucking his cock, I take big long laps at his balls with my wet tongue and juggle them in my mouth too. When sucking his head, I tease his slit with my tongue – tickling and flicking at it and trying to insert my tongue in his slit.

  4.  I relish it…start out slow and worship every inch. It’s not just a pleasure to suck dick…it’s a privilege! I think that every time I’m between a guy’s legs: it’s SUCH an emotional sacrifice for a guy to submit his cock. I honour his commitment.  

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