I’m an older man who loves HiKing and through a HiKing forum I started hiking with a young lady much younger than myself. after a few hikes and meals at my house, one day we were watching the tv and she gave me a look like “Kiss me” so i did and one thing led to another. To make a long story short we ended up in bed and the sex was fantastic. We usually exchanged emails and emails during the week and she invited me down to her place the following week and told me to be ready for something different. So we went hiking and then went to her place for dinner. After dinner we went up to the bedroom and there on the dresser were 3 different sized strap-ons and some lube. In a very sweet way she let me know that if i wanted sex with her on a regular basis, I was going to be on the receiving end of a strap-on. Well. let me tell you, I was so turned on by her and she made me so horny just being around her, i didn’t hesitate. We undressed each other, took a shower together with a lot of mutual touching and I was pretty primed by the time we got in the bed. We touched and licked and fondled for a while and then she went down on me for a few minutes, then reached for the strap-on, the smallest one. She got it on and then put a lot of lube in her hand and lubed up my ass pretty well, using her finger to loosen up my spinster. I relaxed and watched as she lubed up the cock and then put a nice thick pillow at the end of the bed and led me to it. Then she bent me over it and proceeded to run her finger along my ass. Then she got behind me and I felt the cock against my ass. I tensed up a little and she told me to relax as her hand slipped down and grasped my cock and rubbed it until it was hard, the she slid it in a little and held it there, not so bad. Then she slid it in slowly and I actually relaxed.

She proceeded to slowly slide it in and out until she was going all the way in. There was some music playing that had a slow soft beat to it and I found myself beginning to rock back and forth to the beat and spreading my legs a little so she could go deeper. She fucked me slowly for a few minutes and i found myself wanting it harder so I told her to fuck me. She popped a different song on that had a faster beat and began to fuck me faster and harder. She was doing me well but there was something missing and I asked her if she could give it to me deeper. She pulled out and put on the next strapon that was 6 inches long (compared to the 5″ the other one was) It was also about twice as thick. She put some lube on that slid it and and slammed it home. It took my breath away, hurting just a little but also feeling GOOD!. She put both hands on my hips and started fucking me hard. I was rocking my hips forward and back to get as much as i could. She doggied me for about five minutes and then pulled out, stood me up, got rid of the pillow and threw me back on the bed on my back. Then she kneeled between my legs, Put my ankles on her shoulder and then she mounted me missionary informing me that it was “time for some industrial strength fucking” She wasn’t kidding. I always heare the expression “fucking her brains out” and now I knew what it meant, except it wasn’t a her, it was me. She had lubed her hand up good and was giving me a hand job while she fucked me and it was a fantastic, sensation. She fucked me hard for about 10 minutes and brought me close to coming a couple of times, stopping the hand job when I was on the verge. Then she unmounted me and took the largest cock and lubed it up. She slid that into me with her hand and as she slammed it home she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me in rhythm with the cock she was burying in my ass. It didn’t take long for me to erupt, and that’s what it was. it was like a Volcanoe erupting, spurt after spurt of cum as she did me on both ends. Finally she slowed down as I depleted my cum and she brought me down slowly. I can tell you that with the combination of the strapon, it was far and away the best blow job I ever received in my life. We still hike and have great sex and she does me a couple of times a month with the strap on. I’ve graduated to bigger and rigider ones now and often she gets one used on her either in the front or back depending on which end I’m fucking her in. She love double penetration.


9 thoughts on “Hi King Hymn

  1. I love this, i have sex with my clients on a regular and im always filming, especially when i slam my big black cock strap on and make them tear up a little.?

  2. Society is so hypocritical and limiting. The fact that one calls oneself “straight” or whatever doesn’t reveal anything about one’s true fantasies or desires. It’s not that people can truly know every aspect of your being by simply referring to limited concepts like a presumed sexual identity. “I am” this or that is therefore so simplistic, as if things are fixed and never change. It’s as if that one aspect defines your total state of existence.

  3. i am a stright male that would like to be fuck in the ass by a women with a strap-on this realy turns me on , i would also like to have her turn me over her knee & give me a spanking & finger fucking , am in the dallas area if any women would like to try this with me leave e-mail i am 54 years old Dallas_54

  4. My husband just approached me with these same desires! I found it extremely exciting! Our sex has been extraordinary since his fantasy has been revealed! We anticipate the day that we can add the extra ooomph! I plan to return the favor with a little girl on girl action as well (he just don’t know it yet, butt first i want to see a big cock in his ass.

  5. recently took my partner anally with a strap-on he bought for me, he huffed and puffed a bit but after another hard spanking session he assumed the doggy position and i broke him in gently to begin with. Once he had settled down i gave him a good fucking and came hard myself seeing him enjoying himself. Later i straddled his face and had him deep-throating his present, that looked good and more than satisfied his curiousity!! He’ll be a little more gentle when he fucks my lips next time! Looking forward to screwing him again, i’ve replaced the batteries in the vibrating egg at the dildo’s base so he’s in for a long session….haha

    1. Your partner is a one hell of a lucky guy!! My wife introduce me to pegging but lately when I started to enjoy it she seems like losing interest on it that’s why most of the time we’re in bed I always telling her that I miss her fucking me in the ass!!!

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