“just to be so intimate with another man that is so much more than mechanical sex! Intimacy which happens in the brain and the mind as well as the body, so that when I enter it really feels like union rather than, as i say, just mechanical sex, sounds woosy i know but its not as the elevation to a higher plain would be so much more satisfying” Amit

I’ve read quite a bit on your site and it all sounds so exciting, yet somehow comforting. I am married, mid thirties, British and consider myself straight but have become very “curious” over time to experience a male massage and some level of physical intimacy with a man. I have zero experience but would love to see another cock close up, to experience touching one as well as having mine touched. I love the idea of a bath before to help relax as well. I will be on London sometime in the next 2 weeks and although I’m shy and body conscious, your site has me seriously thinking about booking a 1st time massage.

1st Male Massage?

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