Senior Bear Solosexual Dating

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It may seem a contradiction in terms, but it is not. I am a senior bear, a solosexual guy who would like to find another guy for fun and maybe more. For those who don’t know, solosexual guys prefer solo over partnered sex.

That does not mean I don’t share my sexuality or won’t pleasure another. There are very few solo guys around. I am one, proud and happy to sit outside the norm. That does not preclude me from valuing emotional intimacy either. I would like a partner or friend who will encourage my sexuality whilst I will encourage and fulfill theirs and both share a meaningful friendship maybe relationship. Sex is just one part of a relationship and relationships come in all shapes and sizes. I am 35, good looking, fit, sane and healthy. I love life and creative pursuits. Into art, movies, outdoors, food and music. I am, perhaps ironically, very selfless and a giving guy. You don’t have to be strictly solo. I only ask that you respect that I am. Perhaps you are poly, bi, open minded, but perhaps you are solo too. A solo guy is really ideal. I’d prefer a guy 25-45, who is adventurous and fun. Share my proud, naked, honest life!

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  1. Do you mean you prefer to get yourself off? My first boyfriend was like that. I didn’t understand it at the time but he taught me a lot.

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