A woman that loves big cocks is called a “size queen”. A man who lives big cock is called a “size king” And a man who is a Size King & King Size, is simply called “God”.

I prefer a man with a large, thick cock. I guess I’m a size king! I like all cocks, but if I had my choice I’d suck a big one. It’s so much more to play with and worship. I’ve always called myself a “size queen” but I now have a new term. Size king! I love it!


13 thoughts on “Size King & King Size

  1. I am a size king and love when I’m sucking off a man he call me a cocksucker, I’m proud of being able to suck cook so good. I am a cum loving cock sucker.

  2. I love them all. I especially like one that fits in my mouth. Besides, anything more than a mouthful is wasted.

  3. I actually never heard the term size king used before. In gay parlance men who, shall we say obsessed, over the size of another man’s penis was known as a size queen.

  4. I worship all cocks, but size does matter. A man doesn’t have to be super buff, or even nowhere near the perfect adonis body, but his manhood has to be in top shape.
    You can always tell who takes care of his penis and who doesn’t. Weak erection, smooth surface and no veinage to speak of – that’s usually a repressed man.
    On the other hand, a rock hard COCK, with that strong urethra and a meshwork of veins gives that ”muscular” look. That man does his kegel exercises and jelqing regularly. Because he wants a cock worthy of rememberance and worship.

    A man’s cock is his best friend, and needs to be treated as such.

    1. Well Said! Your cock is a muscle that must be exercised just like any other!

      A beautiful cock at any age is… health and plump!

  5. As a guy with a really tiny dick, I naturally worship men with big dicks, and in my world, they are indeed KING, and I was born to bow down and serve them!

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