Stand Up 4 Masturbation

Saturday, May 1, 2021, 1:13 PM

154 almighty members Attending

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14 thoughts on “Stand Up 4 Masturbation 01/05

  1. Thank you Seb for organising this stupendous creative event, also a massive big thanks to Hans, Dominic, father Billy, daddy Dave, Tomredo8, JayX for making me rock hard. Feeling inspired to contribute to your next happening.

  2. Thank you Seb for a most wonderful event. Seeing beautiful men revelling in self- pleasure was a joy to behold. It made me appreciate the wonderful gift and joy to be derived from my cock, anus and nipples. Thank you.

  3. I am masturbating with increasing regularity and I too will stand up for it. I’m so glad I “came upon” this website today, it has been a revelation taking me to so many strange and wonderful places as I learn to navigate the site. Thank you so much Mr. Cox for all your “hard” work, giving us all immeasurable pleasure.

  4. Seb, this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with the lot of us. Love from Michigan, Ian.

  5. When You stand up for masturbation. You smile more. You are more loving. You forgive more. You respect differences. You are kinder to yourself. You become less judgemental. You do more and talk less. You stop giving out to yourself, and you sings songs of joy and HaPenis. Feel free to post your own art below. You can leave a message for any of our artists, but please name them as the comments apply to the whole exhibition.

    1. So true, Mr. Cox. I am a bitch when I am not serviced or servicing myself, exercising that “third leg” is not unimportant. You’re amazing, Mr. Cox and you have every reason to be proud of your name!

  6. .

    Masturbating my cock is a constant ritual on multiple occasions of my day. I worship cock and get great joy from it on endless levels.

  7. I could not think of a better thing to celebrate than to recognize the importance of jacking off – of shooting a load of jizz – releasing it from its ball sac and allowing it to spurt forth and hitting a desired target – whether that chosen target is a big, stiff cock, an asshole being pulled open to receive some thick, white cream down its chute or a willing face and mouth wide open to receive the load of cum that will soon be spurting forth.
    I dropped a load one day – jerking off at my desk – and the release was certainly exquisite. Please feel free to stroke your cock as you watch me stroking and, eventually, as you see my cum dropping from my shaft, spurt your own load in order to feel good and relaxed.

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