I got some sheets, cushions, lights, wine, lube, bananas, dildos and everything I might need and set the room up so that I could keep a quater of an eye on the tv while the camcorder kept its entire eye on my anus. I have hunted the internet for descriptions of what others do with banana and felt that the true versatility of the fruit has been missed. Bananas should be peeled and fairly ripe. Dilate your arse a little with a medium butt plug and slip them in. Try to snip them in the middle by biting them in half with your sphincter or just go for full depth and shuffle them in with your fingers and dildo. – and then ram them home . ohhhhh. They make a fantastic natural lubricant which doesnt dry out. Sometimes I like to go for the really stuffed feeling of 5 or 6 bananas rammed home. Other times I like to “snip” them. This time I did both. After a while, I began to forget the camera and really get down to stimulating my anus with a collection of dildos. My sheets/towels were scattered with bits of ejected banana by this time which were good for quick lube, but mainly I was playing with my favorite toys and getting uncommonly lost in the mood. It is also great fun to pull a dildo out and see your anus wink and then yellow banana cum dribble out of you- and it is so slippy chris


2 thoughts on “Fucking Bananas

  1. OMG never though of this before so thought I would give it a go, WOW is it sensual or what I was in heaven for a long time and watched myself on my cam it was amazing and even did the snip bit which felt fantastic then ejected the bit I had snipped off boy that was one hell of a feeling and eventually came a bucket load with a large banana rammed home for good measure. what a feeling and yes they really lube up your arse, next time i am going to try using them to lube my arse before I use my dildo.

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