I am 21 years old and I am what you might call, bi curious. I have only admitted that I was questioning my own sexuality to one person, and it was someone I didn’t know. This is the second time I am admitting it. A question I really want to ask you guys is this. How do I know if I’m gay. Here are my symptoms:

1) I enjoy anal stimulation from my girlfriend and from myself

2) I jerk off to gay porn, but only bondage or kinky stuff.

3) I have fantasized about being pleased by other males that I know in real life, or males that I dont know..

I think my family and friends might know i’m gay, but I can’t admit it and the fact that they MIGHT know makes me lose my breath…I find it humiliating...I need someone to talk to about this, hopefully someone who has been in the same situation or something close to it please leave a message. Thank you for running this site !


I had the same stuggles as a young man and had a lot of guilt and shame because of society pressure. I couldn’t stop being with other men once I had been with another man. My true happiness and fulfillment came once I accepted it and embraced my homosexuality. Be true to yourself and not comform to false ideas of heterosexual lifestyle.


It sounds to me like you are into guys but you really won’t know for sure until you have sex with one. If having a man’s face and possibly cock up your ass doesn’t make your eyes go back in your head and make you feel as if you’d never had sex before, then you might not be gay! But if it does… BINGO! Then you’re a certified cock sucker. Be proud of it. Seriously. You can’t change it. Believe me, I’ve tried. I got married, had kids, stayed away from gyms and men in general. But no matter what I couldn’t run away from the truth. After 14 years, dick finally drew me in and once I had a taste, that was it. You can’t deny who you are and you SHOULDN’T deny it! Find the truth and you’ll find happiness. Find a gay friend to fuck with and see! 


It’s not about gay, straight or bi, it’s about male sexuality. I don’t have gay sex, I have guy sex. Only a guy can fully understand what another guy needs and feels. I enjoy giving that intense pleasure to other guys and them giving it to me. It is an amazing gift I am happy to share. 


If you have fantasies about being with other men, that doesn’t mean you’re completely gay. You might be bi, or you might be bi-curious. I am without a doubt bisexual. I way prefer men over women, but I only consider myself bi because I have had sex with girls in the past.


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  1. U sre questioning yourself because of society binary education.. do not ask youself question as stupid as :am i normal or gay ? In sex nothing is normal or not !!!
    Many males love anal sex many others don’t And prefer others activity gay or etero sexuality are the same kind of games but between males bot can be Full male or female .. enjoy your youth And be happy

  2. its not just sex. actually very little. its about LOVE. if you can only have romance and that emotional connection to one sex. then you are that. so if you lets say meet a guy, have sex. ok. but if you can ONLY have more. the starting of an emotional connection. and caring and loving this person. as lets say a typical hetero couple does then you are gay. i mean you are gay if you can ONLY have that connection with another man.

    yes you can be bi. but again. that means besides sex. you literally can fall in love with a man or woman. which can be very complicated. and you would need an understanding partner who knows you have a part of you that will crave the other side.

    either way. you just need to experiment. i had sex with women when i was younger. and never could enjoy any of it. let alone fall in love

    as a gay man. as i got older. i do sometimes fantasize about sex with a certain type of woman. but its more of a kink. because its to me taboo and im just a bit naughty. but i know that i could never have romantic feelings for a lady like i do my husband.

    hope this helps.

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