Introducing Arthur a 22 year old horny scaffolder from Lanark, Scotland. He think’s he might have the biggest cock in Scotland. And here at The HaPenis Project, we think he might be right.

7 thoughts on “The Biggest Penis In Scotland

  1. No – that kilt is not a MacDonald tartan – so no quarter pounder – just photoshop…. but nice show. Love it.

  2. “Arthur is massive.” My girl/fiancée heard about this magazine at work and after dinner tonight we were watching tv on the couch. I had my phone out so she said google it. The first link sent us to this page and the first pic was of Arthur. She gasped which shocked me. After around 5-10 seconds of silence I looked at her and said “you like?” She said baby he’s not even hard and he’s got the best dick I’ve ever seen. Then she goes to the kitchen to grab her phone bc she said she wouldn’t mind seeing more. After an hour of scrolling around while I watched tv I asked her if she was done so we could go to bed. That’s when my woman said to me that she was trying to find his actual contact information! I was immediately pissed and shocked and asked what the hell for. She said a coworker told her that straight and sometimes even gay big dick models are open for becoming pen pals. After asking her why the hell she wanted that I was pretty disgusted and went to bed. My baby told me that something about him “captivated” her and that she’d like the opportunity to talk. Obviously pissed but still managing to chuckle I asked again why. Her response-something to the effect of “I’d like to talk to him and perhaps get to know him. Breeyona told me some guys will even exchange pictures, take requests, and sometimes even offer up a personal video.” I told her that I was pretty disgusted with her and that I was going to bed. Walking up the stairs she said “baby he lives in Scotland, it’s not like we’ll ever meet!(arrogantly and kind of giggling)That was at 9:30 pm est. it’s now after 1 in the morning and she’s still down on the couch doing god knows what. But she definitely ain’t in bed. So fuck you Arthur. And if a woman named Imani from New Jersey actually gets in touch with you try and remember that she’ll be my wife in 7 months. But if she sends you a pic of her I’d like for you to reply to my comment and tell me. Then feel free to send her one bc I get the feeling photoshop is your claim to fame. There’s no way a nerdy, skinny dude from the UK has a dick that’s 11” while also being as fat as it is. Oh yea and while it’s basically soft lol. After you disappoint her with your proof I’ll have my baby back all the way loving my 7 1/2 inches. I’m sure you’re not even the man I am after photoshop gets stripped away. But women are stupid. So enjoy your new fan. We’ll see if she still describes you as “massive” and “more man then pretty much everyone”. But right now she’s a fan bro. Let her enjoy it. Just tell me if she sends you a pic of her and asks you to send her a vid of you “playing with the best dick in the world”, as I told her tell a friend on the phone around 10:30. Just let her down easy bro, I’m sure she’ll understand that you only used photoshop to make some loot. In the end, she’ll forget about you and go back to telling me she loves me. But it’s no loss to you. You don’t even know her but she’s my future. I look forward to inquiring soon about how the whole thing was corny and a scam and that her man is bigger, better, and more man then Arthur from Scotland. Let me know homey

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