My best friend cannot admit it even to himself: yet, no straight man was ever as butch as him. I tried to nonchalantly approach the subject a time or two, and inevitably, it triggered his defense, ending the conversation. One evening I went to visit him unannounced, to drop off a birthday present. After knocking several times with no response, I walked around back, thinking he might be in the back yard. It was early evening and a light or two shone through the windows of his study, also his living room. I was within a mere two or three feet of him, separated by only the house walls when I suddenly realized he was lying on his sofa, apparently enjoying a TV show. It seemed like an amazingly long span of time for me to realize he was also naked from the waist down, even longer to realize he was beating off to the visual delight of a bi-sexual fantasy. On his lap-top DVD player next to the sofa, two very masculine guys were french-kissing each other while an Asian-looking woman was sucking their considerable cocks at the same time. My own cock was already at attention, begging to join in. Of course, I couldn’t, so like some kind of peeping-tom, a common voyeur, I kept to the shadows and enjoyed the perfect view while my friend and I. Only he didn’t know it, much to my regret. For the better part of an hour I coaxed him ever closer to climax, while in my mind, he did the same for me, like the ebb and flow of a mental tide, we’d bring each other to the brink, and then relax as orgasm ebbed gently away. As the two men on the DVD slowly lost interest in their female playmate (or was it the other way around?), the two men gave each other their full attention, and I, at least, gave my friend all of mine. We, all four of us, climaxed simultaneously, and if mine was any indication, it was easily one of the top five most powerful shoots I’ve ever experienced. My friend lay there for several minutes while my eyes surreptitiously worshipped every visible part of his body. Finally he went to the bathroom (also visible from my vantage point) to clean up. I just licked my hands clean and pulled my pants back up, wishing I could do the same for him.

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 The next day I return to my friend’s house to leave the gift which I had to re-wrap (it had gotten a bit wet, you see…). My friend isn’t home; he’s at work. I discover that the back door is not locked. I remember last night. The bathroom in which he cleaned himself was just inside. I can’t help but think his spunk is all over in there, soaked up on wads of tissue in the waste basket. I feel compelled to get my hands on it; why, I don’t know. I go in. I can smell his scent as soon as I open the door. My cock, with a mind and agenda all it’s own, wants to rise to the occasion. No, I say. Not yet. Standing there where he stood, I piss where I saw him piss after our one-way rendezvous last night. I search the wastebasket, and there it is: spunk-soaked tissue. I grab every last wad. Now my cock’s hard as a rock. I go over to the same sofa he laid on last night, having his own, private fantasy. I’m about to have my own as I smell his spunk and even munch on the wadded up tissue. Suddenly I am he, and he’s thinking that it is he and I, in a three-way with an Asian woman built like a brick pagoda. Stunningly attractive, but somehow, not quite the same as the man I’m with. That’s as it should be, because she was very satisfied and well-compensated to be the bait which brought the two of us together. My friend and I are bringing each other to the brink of cumming, almost but not quite. Twice, three times, and then suddenly, my imagination collapses. A commanding voice coming from the blue shadows of a police uniform in the doorway, says, “Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Trying to explain, I wonder what business it is of his, since he can’t know it’s not my home; I am doing nothing illegal, especially in private. I couldn’t be more wrong. He’s my friend’s new neighbor and he observed me make an illegal entry. He says he watched me the night before, and then says he might not have to arrest me. Ordering me to turn around and “spread ’em”, he searches me, for reasons that weren’t immediately apparent. At least, until he grabs my cock with one hand, my balls with the other. He hand-cuffs me and tells me to sit down. He unzips his trousers, lowers his drawers, and reveals a beautifully straight, almost 8 inches of manhood. It points straight to my mouth. He says he’s sure I know what to do next. My mouth draws him in deeply and eagerly. In a short time my nose is buried in his cock hair, his balls slapping at my chin. I don’t know how long I had been sucking him when I hear my friend:  “Well, aren’t you two having just too much fun, or what?” The neighborhood cop was more shocked that I was at the sound of his voice. “Don’t move,” my friend says. He seems to be reaching for the phone. But no. He’s taking some of the things he had in his arms and was laying them on the table.

 He walks over and it sounds like he’s in control now. The cop obediently takes his cock out of my mouth, removes the cuffs and removes my pants. My friend is unbuckling his belt, kicking off his shoes and dropping his pants. His cock is even more handsome without screen and glass between it and my eyes. I can smell his masculine scent, and it mixes incredibly with the cop’s aroma and the scent of my own sweat. Now, obeying my friend’s instruction, the cop is bent over, sucking my cock, and my friend is lubing up his to fill up the policeman’s hungry asshole. “But not before you lube me up,” he says, looking at me. My whole body is aching with a phantom orgasm, a promise of something just around the next corner of time’s passage. Now his cock fills my mouth, just as it did in my mind the night before, just as my cock now fills the hunky cop’s mouth. I take it upon myself to remove the cop’s shirt, revealing a smooth, just-hairy-enough chest. I cradle him with both arms as I bend over his head, his back, and begin stroking his cock. My friend withdraws his cock, slick with my spit and a lot of pre-cum. He slams it into the cop’s ass, and grabs me in a lip-lock that says he’s been waiting a long time to do this; it’s time to make up for lost time. My friend alternates between kissing me and plowing the cop, fucking my face and teasing my nipples. Just when I think this cum-tide is gonna flood, the cop stops sucking, my friend stops fucking, and suddenly he’s standing in front of me, our cocks evenly matched, touching head-to-head, balls to balls. And the cop is now sucking us both. Approaching that incredibly indescribable edge just before cumming, once again cheated from it’s promise of release, three friends seem to stare into each other’s eyes. Then there are two as the cop backs out with a smile on his face. He’s shooting cum over both of us. My friend seems appalled; shocked. I’m delighted, as I begin to clean my friend with my hands, my tongue. To my surprise, he pushes me on the sofa, and then is on top of me, in dominant 69 position. His cock parts my lips, as his slide down my shaft. In perfect rhythm, he fucks my face, sucks my cock. Our bodies become one as, it seems, our growing pleasure and excitement seem to be one living, growing orgasm engulfing us both, making us one. Denying the moment no more, we fill each other with liquid manhood, and it seems it fills us to overflowing, a never-ending stream of complete, absolute, omnisensual and masculine satisfaction Authority on Man-To-Man Love

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