Un Chant D’Amour

Probably the best and most beautiful gay film I’ve ever seen! So much more sensual than porn films. This burns deeper into the heart, and a man’s need and burning desire to be […]

Becoming Intentional

“For I have learned that every heart will get What it prays for Most.” HaFeZ What do you desire or pray for the most in your life? And what are the barriers that […]


A secret accord,a gentleman’s agreement was worked out betweenmy mouth and the cock of an 18 year old fisherman althoughit is stilled tucked away in his blue shorts.Time air and the landscape around […]

À Contre Poil Du Sens

À Contre Poil Du Sens(Against The Grain) is a French contemporary dance company created in 2004 and revolves around creative projects by Matthieu Hocquemiller. Their performance “(nou)” boldly goes where no dance has […]

Querelle Reviewed

Querelle. I watched the entire film a few days ago. A cinematic train wreck. Bad acting, bad directing, bad dialogue, worse sets – I guess the story is from a time when you […]

A Solosexual Masturbator

Brotherhood of Pleasure…… what a perfect phrase. I am a masturbator, a solosexual masturbator, but how great it is to know, and to see these wonderful images of fellow masturbators, regardless of whether […]