HaPenis Pumping

HI Seb, I just bought cock pump and just arrived yesterday. I bought the one for the beginner, my questions are:– is it safe to use cock pump?– will it damage the tissue and the […]

The Author?

Are you the author of the sexuality that defines you. Please leave a reply below and tell us about your Hi-Story I am coming to another decade of my life like 70 in […]

Older Vacuum Pumper

Years ago I met an older vacuum pumper who had 8″ around. Though I couldn’t take it all the way down into my neck, he did come back three more times (drove 40 mins […]

Do Cock Pumps Make Your Cock Bigger?

Cock pumps do make you cock bigger, but it takes years of consistent, dedicated pumping sessions. It’s not so much that it actually adds any size, as much as it trains your cock […]

the vacuum pump

The perfect cum if you are alone with only the vacuum pump. Start with a flaccid penis using the “hand” wand slowly slide the hose off and on your shaft. When it becomes […]