(Xperiment 23)

I have masturbated in front of somebody else. I think it is a turn on to show them what feels good to me. This way they can see what I like and how […]

Yumi Scrumi (Xperiment 6)

In the sport of Yumi Scrumi there is no high, no low, no scores, no tries, no associated lifestyle, no grand discourse, no proper coaching. There is no referee, no time-out. This sport […]

(Xperminent 18) : Sing Hallehujah

The film, Hallehujah, with the Leonard Cohen song performed by Jeff Buckley, is so wonderfully performed. Could the message be more appropriate. I really hope the world finally does adopt this message but […]

A 3Some (Xperiment 24)

Ménage à Trois, a 3Some, sex between three people. What has been your experiences. What advice would you give to men who would like to experience a 3Some for the first time. If […]

(Xperiment 22) Wanking In The Woods

Free uncomplicated sex in the woods… men giving each other sexual favors for no other reason than just being there with their cocks out. I love hiking the woods during the day, seeking […]

(Xperiment 21) Roger Rory

The next time you Roger Rory, Sing Songs of Praise. If your not sure what song to sing, just sing, la, la, la la, la. La, la, as demonstrated in the HaPenis Video, […]

(Xperiment 20) Short Shorts

Have you got the bollox to go out in public wearing only a pair of very short shorts. Go, on. I fucking dare you! (Xperiment 20) I wear short shorts. I think if […]

Sildenafil 24/7 (Xperiment 5)

First 12 minutes. The body quickly absorbs Sildenafil and it’s found some men get an erection within 12 minutes of popping a viagra. 60 minutes. An hour marks a crucial point with Sildenafil […]

(Xperiment 19)

David, yes its normal for you. And many other men as well. Labels are for clothes. Had a guy tell me once, ” The older I get the more I like the chicks, […]

(Xperiment 14)

Lie on your back and pull your legs towards your face. Pour lots of warm pure coconut oil over your balls dripping down to that area between your balls and your anal lips. […]

MediBate : (Xperminent) 17

Allow at least 30 uninterrupted minutes for this (Xperminent). This will give you enough time to reach a climax and return to an un-aroused state. Turn off any distractions (e.g. telephone, television). Whilst […]

(Xperminent 16)

Leave the familiar for a while. Let your senses and bodies stretch out Like a welcomed season Onto the meadows and shores and hills. Open up to the Roof. Make a new water-mark […]

s.NOT-Xperiment 7

The “glass” received eleven (11) separate and distinct ropes of thick cream into its bottom! This cum shot is quite impressive. It is, by far, the best that I have witnessed – including […]

(Xperiment) 12

Speak but little, and that little only when thy own purposes require it. Heaven has given thee two ears but only one tongue, which means: listen to two things, but be not the […]