The draw of and attraction to the Almighty Phallus came unto me at an early age. It is godlike in that it seemed a natural occurrence. I was enlightened to what has been a lifetime interaction with my God. I kneel before Him and give myself unto Him, body and soul. He has never failed to deliver His powerful blessing unto me. Hail, Almighty Cock!

We, as males, are blessed to be in possession of the joyous giver of both life and pleasure. I was raised to believe that there exists the Brotherhood of Men as Dad called it. This brotherhood, open, and comfortable sharing of maleness, with no restrictions and full understanding generating the time-honoured bond of having each others back. As my Dad, a Navy guy would say ‘it’s how armies are formed and wars are won’. I was fortunate to have been raised to be open and appreciative of ‘the Brotherhood’. A place where men can gather in the sense of the brotherhood, as it naturally exists. The brotherhood is oft times suppressed in society, that isn’t natural. Men understand each other as only men are able, and must be allowed this male bonding. This is how armies are made, and wars are won, based on the natural bond amongst men. Spiritually, and physical.

I worship at the altar of the Almighty Cock! It is an honor to kneel before my God and commune with His power! I devote my life to His pleasure and satisfaction. I hold hands with my God. I kneel before my God in worship. I kiss and taste the offerings of my God in devotion. Faith be in God! Hail Almighty Cock!

Dave Briegel

3 thoughts on “The Almighty Phallus

  1. I love seeing all types of cocks. I’ve never met a cock I wouldn’t suck, big or little. I prefer black cocks or just big ones. Hanging out with a group of naked men keeps me so hard. Looking at all of them, wanting to suck everyone of them.

  2. Cocks are great. Never met one I didn’t like, especially my owns being Scottish is a blessing as Scots have world acclaim for being endowed 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    1. Well I’ve not heard that before, about the Scott’s being well hung… Sounds really good to me… I like big / bigger cock, and am well hung myself.

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