This is a message to all men out there who dream about sucking cock. You have the longing, but haven’t acted on it. For whatever reason, you hold back. That’s your business. I’m here to tell you what you’re missing.

* Sitting down in front of an erect cock.

* Touching it, and being surprised at how warm it is.

* smelling the scent of another man’s balls, groin and pubes. Heavily sweet, musky, and entoxicating.

* Wrapping your lips around the head, and being utterly surprised at how smooth and silky it feels on your tongue.

* tasting a small drop of precum when running the tip of your tongue over the slit, and noticing the distinct difference in texture and flavor from your own saliva.

* noticing how the veins and urethra react to your treatment, and when you feel that throb, you know you have taken you man-god to the next plateau of pleasure.

* the feeling of joy when your man-god takes your head in both hands and starts thrusting down your throat over and over while his belly heaves and his moans resound overhead.

* the ecstacy of anticipation when you feel the cock head suddenly grows to twice its size, and how a shudder goes through the entire cock, while your man-god pushes himself down your throat your nose gets buried un his musky pubes.

* the complete feeling of sweet surrender, and joy as the god cock pumps the ambrosia into your mouth. The distinct flavor – bitter and sweet, just like love. The gift you have been given. His own essence.


The Ambrosia, in Greek mythology the food of the gods

9 thoughts on “The Ambrosia

  1. Ben- I recall seeing that title on here somewhere. I’ll def check it out. It will be very interesting to read another Top’s perspective .
    As far as the avatar is concerned, I wish I could tell you, but it’s been quite a while since I joined this site. I just followed the prompts, so there must have been one for a picture.
    Bro Leo

  2. I love just being naked with other men, seeing and looking at each other’s cocks. Be they hard, soft, shaved or a nice bush. The variety is endless. I love sucking cock, watching a man sucking another man’s cock is very arousing to me. I am enjoying all this info and visual so much, thank you

    1. Yep. There’s a special feeling being with blokes in the nudd. The democracy of dick. The common denominator of loving our schlong.

  3. I sucked my first cock about 2 months ago; it was so erotic. My heart was pounding because it was in the sunny afternoon in a public (secluded) local cruising spot. The urge to commit to sucking a cock just came over me, so I picked up the courage, went there started playing with myself and soon a couple of guys came over and presented their cocks to me. I gently reached out and held one in my hand, slowly and gently caressing him and then before I knew it I got on my knees and literally stared to suck his soft, meaty cock in my mouth. The feeling was strange, softer than I imagined, wider then I expected. After a while I stood up with the hardest cock I have had in 10 years and he sucked me to an completion whilst I held the other guys cock in my hand; as a came I stood on my tip toes and let out the loudest moan of sheer pleasure. I would love to do it again, but less rushed in a place where I can fully relax and enjoy the situation and sensations.

    1. I remember sucking my first cock. Oh my God, I was forever hooked. Swallowing a big load, cum swapping, love it all. Since then I haven’t met a cock I wouldn’t suck…

    2. Such a nice cock, sitting here hard wishing I had that cock in my mouth…

  4. This is exactly how I feel and what I love to do. Admiring the erected cock, touching and smelling then tasting it. Admiring the pubes around it and the balls what hold the ambrosia I’m craving for.He needs that from another man and I’m more than happy to please him.

    1. Such beautiful and descriptive prose. Reminds me of some of the erotic writings of Ovid. I’m inspired to write of the same experience from the Top’s perspective; mutually supportive cantos in celebration of Cock..

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Brother! I wrote a piece from a top’s perspective. I think Mr Cox titled it “The Spirit of Frej”.

        Oh, and off topic, how did you add your own avatar?

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