The Artist above is Otterbaron

Hello Gentlemen, I was wondering if someone can describe the big draw method to me? I keep hearing men talking about practicing everyday, and I want to do that as well, but from what I understand, you can only do it while having sexual intercourse or practicing it during masturbation. In some books it sounds like it’s more like a breathing exercise from a correct lying/sitting/standing position. I need to incorporate some of these daily taoist exercises, right now I only do the PC exercises.

In his book Secrets of Better Sex, Dr. Joel Block provides five “do’s and don’ts ” for enjoying afterplay

• Don’t use afterplay as a “sexual postmortem.”
• Don’t air sexual grievances or complaints.
• Do use this intimate time to express sexual feelings, thoughts, and desires that you’ve not previously shared.
• Don’t discuss problems with your job, your finances, or your children.
• Do cuddle and caress for at least five minutes.
• Do say “I love you’.

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    1. Hello Otterbaron, You look amazing. I’ve added a credit above. If you would like to be a profile featured on the site send me some more pictures and I’ll link it back to your blog. You can email me

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