The Dualism was a conceptual photography and publishing independent art organisation in London UK, presided over by its founder, the sole artist and creator of all the photographic art work. The photographs from the book were shown at The Tate Modern in 2010. The art work inspired and influence a new art movement, The Dualism, based on the view/concept that the world consists of two fundamental principles that co-exist together, they compliment each other like the ying and yang in eastern culture, or they conflict in the western one, under this comes the duality between mind and body, mind and matter, moral duality and the conflict between good and evil. Furthermore, the definition of Dualism in art, psychology, philosophy, religions and all other aspects of life takes different forms. The photographic art book showed us a reflection of ourselves, frailties and our desperate humanity, dealing with psychosexual, psychological and philosophical matters through questions like: what world is this? what kingdom? what shores of what worlds? big choices and huge mistakes to make.

Recommended Further Reading : Dualism Photography Live Show and Book Signing

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