It was the summer before I started university so I was 18 years old. We were spending the weekend with friends of my family. Actually the O’Briens had been our friends longer than I’d been alive so I’m not sure how we had become so close. Their family of three sons mirrored my own and we were all farmers. What really bound us was a love of horse racing, and that was the purpose of this weekend’s visit. There was a race meeting local to the O’Briens whose farm was a good 3-4 hours drive north of ours so it made sense for us to come up for the weekend. I was the youngest in our family, their youngest, David, was a year or so my junior. He and I had been friends since childhood although truth be told we didn’t have a lot in common. We got on fine though and as we’d gotten older we had started to explore each other’s bodies in a kind of playful way. Approaching manhood hadn’t stopped this experimentation and as we always got to share a room we would have wanking races and compare how much each other’s cocks were growing. Mine was always bigger than his but, as he didn’t hesitate to point out, I was a year older than him.

Mum, Dad and I had arrived on the Friday night to find a barbecue welcome. The O’Briens were great hosts and they’d invited over a few locals who we knew well. This included their neighbour, Mike. He’d inherited the farm when his dad had passed away though, as Mr O’Brien liked to point out, he’d been running it since he was a teenager (“you boys’ age”) due to his father’s poor health. I guess Mike was 10-15 years younger than our parents which would have put him in his late 30s or early 40s. For a district that was full of couples and families Mike stood out as a single man farming alone. Both his parents had passed away in fairly quick succession. His continued bachelorhood seemed particularly to bother the women of the area who saw a youngish guy with a mortgage-free farm as a catch. When confronted, as he often seemed to be, Mike would come up with excuses like “there are so many beautiful women in the world, how can you expect me to choose just one”. Mr O’Brien usually commented that Mike’s hands were already full running the farm single-handed so he didn’t really have time to “court women”. This was long before the age of dating apps. Anyway Mike was a friendly, funny guy and I used to think it was unfair the way the local people hassled him about being single “at your age.”

The night of the barbecue David and I were conspiring. It was hot and the next day, the Saturday of the race meeting, was going to be hotter still with temps well into the 30s. Neither David nor I were that keen on horse racing and we were finally of an age when we could choose not to be dragged along with our parents. We were allowed a few beers, more if nobody was watching, and it was over these that we hatched a plan to cycle down to the swimming hole in a river that was about 8 kilometres away. I’d borrow David’s older brother’s bike. We were discussing our plan when Mike came over for a chat.
“You boys looking forward to the races tomorrow”
“Actually Mike, we’re not going to go” David replied in a conspiratorial whisper.
“It’s going to be so bloody hot we’ve gonna to take a ride down to the swimming hole” I explained.
“You’re welcome to use my pool if you’d like” I’d almost forgotten Mike had a pool. His father had built it for Mike and his sister when they were kids. It was fairly basic, Mr O’Brien called it the “concrete pond”.
“I’m not going to the races either, I’ve got too much to do round the farm but you’re welcome to come over whenever you want” Mike continued.

The swimming hole idea appealed on several levels, whenever we were down there alone David and I would usually skinny dip and that mostly ended up with us beating one out of each other. Maybe we wouldn’t be able to be quite so uninhibited at Mike’s place? David spoke up before I had a chance to turn the offer down. “That’d be great Mike, if it’s OK with you”. I knew that David’s motivation was the fact that Mike’s place a few hundred metres down the road so a lot easier to access than the swimming hole, especially in 30 degree heat.
We broke the news we weren’t going to the races the next morning as our mothers prepared the usual picnic spread.
“What would you boys like for lunch” Mrs O’Brien asked in her breezy way.
“Actually Mum, we’ll sort ourselves out, we’re not going to go to the races” David’s reply left both our mums looking perplexed.
“It’s going to be so hot, we’ve decided to go for a swim instead” I was trying to sound as innocent as I possibly could though in the back of my mind I knew if there was an opportunity to have some naked fun, we would take it.
“Oh that’s nice, are you going to the swimming hole”, I think my Mum was relieved as she knew well how bored and scratchy David and I used to get at race meetings.
“No, Mike has told us we can use his pool” David made it sound more glamorous than it really was.
“He’s probably going to get you over there so he can rope you into helping him with the fencing” Mr O’Brien had been eavesdropping from the kitchen patio where he and my Dad were having a morning coffee.
We all laughed but I was suddenly filled with doubt, what if that was Mike’s plan?

As soon as David and I were alone I confronted him “Why did you say yes to Mike? We could have had fun at the swimming hole and what if your Dad’s right and Mike wants us to work for him”
“Calm down, he won’t be around so we can still muck about at his place and there might be other people at the swimming hole anyway” David reassured me. “Mike often invites me over but he’s never once asked me to work for him, in fact I’ve offered and he’s turned me down.”
The cars were finally packed up ready for the races and they were gone before the real heat of the day had begun to build. We lay around reading comics and listening to cassettes which is what people listened to then. By midday the mercury had hit 30C and was still rising. We decided we would just wear our swim suits to Mike’s so we striped off and slipped them on. We were both horny in the way teenage boys are 99% of the time so getting naked made us both hard. We jumped on the bikes and cycled the short distance to Mike’s place. It was actually quite difficult as there was a gravel road and the dust and the heat meant by the time we got to Mikes all we wanted to do was jump straight into the water.

The pool was circular and about 5 metres across, it was just deep enough not to feel like a kid’s pool. It was covered with a black “solar” cover which was supposed to absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water. We carefully wound the cover off and rolled it out of the way. Within seconds we were both in the water. The cover had done its job of warming up the first few centimetres but with no other form of heating the rest of the pool was actually really cold. We both squealed with shock as we hit the water but it only took a few seconds to adjust to the temperature. We mucked around in the water for as long as we could bare it and then dragged ourselves out and onto a sun-lounger Mike kept on the paved area at the side of the pool. It didn’t take long for the heat of the sun to warm us up again and once it did we were back in. It didn’t really occur to either of us to skinny dip. Anyway we were having fun just jumping in and out of the water and playing a sort of swimming tag game we had invented. It was all innocent fun that carried on for an hour or so before we heard the clatter of Mike’s tractor as he pulled into the yard. He came round to the side of the house to where the pool was to say hi. I guess I’d always seen Mike in trousers and a shirt so the sight of him in very short cut-off jeans and a dirty vest kind of shocked me. He had been fencing so he was sweaty and grubby looking but I could also see that he was wiry, quite muscular and really hairy with thick brown hairs on his legs and everywhere else. The hair was erupting out of the arm holes and around neck line of his vest.
“You boys having fun”
“Yes thanks Mike” we both shouted from the water in unison.
“I’m gonna to have a shower and then I’ll join you.”
I was more or less beside myself, a real live man was going to come and swim with us. Not a dad or an uncle or an older brother. We got out of the pool and I lay down on the sun-lounger, my cock immediately started to get hard.

“Watch it, you don’t want Mike seeing that” David seemed suddenly nervous. I rolled over onto my front to hide the bulge in my Speedos. Mike took ages, in fact David got restless and started to talk about going home. There was no way I was going back without at least seeing Mike in his swim suit. Finally he emerged looking like a different man. His bathing trunks were the type with panels front and rear that overlapped at the sides covering tight white briefs. His exposed chest was carpeted in hair as were his back and shoulders. I had never seen a man this hairy and don’t think I ever have since. I watched in awe as Mike slipped into the water. He began to swim around the circumference of the pool, I could see the water rippling through the hairs on his back. He swam five or six circuits in one direction and then turned to repeat them going the other way. Maybe this was how he kept fit? Anyway he pulled himself out of the water and came over to talk to us. I stood up, my erection having dwindled to a semi.
“How’s the fence” I really wanted to have a proper, adult conversation with Mike.

“Bloody awful, the ground is so fucking hard, drilling into it keeps overheating the post-hole digger.” Mike was shaking his head but I was watching the movement in his swimming trunks. “The posts are all in but I’ve still got to wire the fucking thing, just couldn’t face it today.”
David was getting fidgety but I was doing my best to ignore him. I was bursting with curiosity.
“You’re incredibly hairy”
David looked like he was about to vomit but Mike just laughed.
“Well observed that boy” he replied smiling sarcastically.
“Does it make you hotter on days like today” I had so many questions
“I’m used to it, I suppose it does, but there’s not much I can do about it.” Mike seemed quite happy to answer my questions but David was looking increasingly uncomfortable.
“Do you shave it?” I wondered out loud.
“I trim it a bit but shaving just makes it grow back thicker” I was glad Mike seemed relaxed about answering my prying questions.
“I think I’m going to go home” David finally broke his silence.
“Oh OK, I’ll come too” I couldn’t hide my disappointment.
“You don’t have to, Dad asked me to turn on the irrigators at four plus I forgot to let the chickens out earlier, stay if you want to” David actually seemed like he wanted to dump me which was fine as far as I was concerned.
“I could help” I didn’t want to appear too keen to stay.
“Don’t need help, stay and come back when you’re ready.” David was already walking towards his bike. The thought of spending time alone with Mike was making my heart beat so I thought it would burst through my ribs. I looked at Mike who smiled back at me and winked.
I half walked, half skipped back to the lounger and sat on it to try to calm myself.
“So have you always been hairy” I really wanted to get back to the subject of Mike’s body. He started laughing and I realised that maybe I was embarrassing him.
“Oh sorry, I shouldn’t be asking so many personal questions”
“It’s fine Roger, it’s just no one has been that interested before” Mike came over and sat beside me, then lay down across the lounger.
“I didn’t start getting hairy until I was 12 or 13 but then I didn’t really stop.”
“So how hairy were you at 18.” There was a certain amount of self-interest in my question though I knew I’d never be as hairy as Mike as neither my Dad nor my older brothers were particularly hirsute.
“Well I guess I had some hair on my chest and my legs were really hairy by then, hairier than you if that’s what you’re getting at” Mike laughed and now I was feeling embarrassed. I stood up and walked over to the pool thinking it was time to change the subject.
“Do you use the pool much”, I dangled my foot in the water.
“In summer I swim most days, wouldn’t be worth keeping the pool going if I didn’t.” Mike stood up and came over to stand beside me by the pool. Then, without any warning whatsoever he pushed me in. The cold water came as a shock and I gasped for breath. Mike jumped in straight after me and grabbed me under the shoulders lifting my torso out of the water. I struggled to free myself and began to swim away from Mike on my back kicking as much water back at him as I could.

I stood up when I reached the opposite side of the pool. “You bastard, are you trying to drown me.” I wasn’t really angry.
“Sorry mate, was just mucking about,” Mike pulled himself up to sit on the side of the pool opposite me.
“It’s OK, I just got a fright, nearly pissed myself”, I pulled myself up to sit on the edge with my legs were dangling in the water, mirroring Mike. “So when you’re here on your own do you skinny dip or wear trunks?”
Mike threw his head back and laughed again “You’re a curious bugger aren’t you.”
“I’d skinny dip if I was here alone.” I said, not wanting Mike to think I thought there was anything weird about swimming naked.
“Well Roger, sorry to disappoint you but I always wear trunks, force of habit I guess, also don’t want the sheep to see my pecker” he laughed and winked at me again. I slipped back into the water and swam over to him. As I stood up I bent over and pulled down my swim suit throwing onto to the paved area at the side of the pool.
“Wo wo wo, what the hell are you doing” Mike looked away with a mock-dramatic gesture.
“It’s no big deal” I looked down into the water and realised it really was no big deal as my cock had shrunk to the size of a pea in the cold water. Mike reached across grabbing my speedos and threw them back to me in the pool. I caught them but didn’t put them back on.
“It might be a big deal if someone dropped by” Mike looked out towards the road.
“We’d hear if someone was coming and anyway everybody is at the races.” I pulled myself up to sit on the side of the pool. Mike started swimming in circles again, so I got out of the pool completely and went back to lie down on the lounger. It was still hot, at least 30C, I was naked and lying on my back on the lounger. The warmth of the sun returned my cock to its normal flaccid size. Eventually Mike got out of the pool and came over to where I was lying.
“Maybe I should head back” I wasn’t serious, I just wanted to gauge Mike’s reaction.
“You’re welcome to stay as long as you want” Mike was still dripping water from pool which was making little riverlets in the hair that covered his body.
“Do you mind if I sunbath nude” I worried that my nakedness was somehow pissing him off.
“I don’t mind but just cover up if you hear someone coming, don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea” as he spoke I couldn’t help but notice Mike was looking at my cock.
“I like being naked, David and I usually skinny dip when we’re at the swimming hole on our own.” Knowing that Mike was looking at my cock and talking about being naked was making blood flood into my penis. Mike was literally staring at my cock and the harder he looked the harder it got. He raised an eyebrow and wiped his mouth with his hand. I lay on the lounger, my cock was rigid and throbbing by now. Mike came closer and sat on the end of the lounger, at my feet, still looking at me and my rock hard penis.

“Sorry, sometimes it just happens” My erection was starting to feel mildly embarrassing.
“It’s OK, I can remember what it was like to be a teenager, just” Mike laughed and I noticed there was a bulge developing in his swim suit.
“So have you got a girlfriend back home” Mikes crossed his legs, maybe trying to hide what was happening in his trunks.
“Actually Mike I’m not much interested in girls.” I wasn’t even sure Mike’s question was serious but I was happy to answer anyway.
“I’ve only had sex with other boys”. Mike was shifting around on the end of the lounger, my cock was throbbing up and down with my heartbeat which was going crazy.
“Look maybe you should go” as he spoke Mike stood up and I could see the prominent bulge in his bathing suit so the front panel looked like a tent someone had pitched on its side.
“Really! I don’t want to, I like being here with you” I sat up on the lounger, Mike could see me looking at his bulge.
“I’m just worried about what might happen if you stay”
“What might happen?” I smiled at Mike and made it very obvious I could see he was hard too.
“When you say you’ve had sex with boys what do you mean exactly” Mike was looking straight at me, he suddenly seemed very serious.
“Well just wanking and sucking I guess, wanking with David but I’ve gone further with Simon, who I was at school with.” I really wasn’t sure where this line of questioning was going.
“Have you ever fucked another guy? Dealt it to him up the arse.” Mikes tone became more clipped, almost urgent, he seemed almost nervous.
“No, this guy, a rugby player from Boys High, he used to bully me, well he wanted to fuck me when we were on a school camp but I said no”
“Would you like to deal it up to another guy.”
“I love to try it”
“Maybe we should head inside” Mike nodded towards the door. I still wasn’t exactly sure what he was suggesting but we had worked past me going back to the O’Brien’s place and that was enough for me.

“Bring your bathing suit” it was still in my hand, I nodded and we walked, quite briskly towards the house. My hard cock flicked from side to side as I walked, dribbling precum. We were soon inside, I’d been inside Mikes house a couple of times but never further than the kitchen. I followed Mike up the hall literally boggling at the hairiness of his back and legs. He went into a bedroom, I followed, he sat on the bed, as I walked towards him he reached out grabbing me and pulling me closer, next thing my cock was in his mouth. I reached down to feel Mike’s cock, still trapped inside his swim suit. It felt hard and thick, I tried to work my hand inside his trunks but as I did so Mike stopped sucking, pushed me back slightly, stood up and pulled down his swim suit. His cock caught on the elastic then bounced out. His pubic region was so hairy I could hardly see his balls, his cock jutted out of the hairy background, a veiny phallus, the bright purple head bulged above the shaft, it was quite thick but not very long. I touched it and Mike groaned, he grabbed my cock and we started jerking each other, it felt quite rough but this was my first time with a real man so I just went with it. I tried to kiss Mike on the mouth but he pulled his head away.
“Would you like to fuck me” Mike looked quite sheepish, like he was asking me to do something I might not want to. I really wanted to. His hairy, muscular arse looked so good, it was much pailer than the rest of him but that just made it stand out even more. I rubbed my hand over it, I loved the furry feeling, his arse was firm and beautifully rounded.

“I’ve got some lube” he reached across the bed and produced a tube of K-Y jelly from a cabinet on the other side. He squeezed out a walnut-sized portion and started rubbing it on my hard cock. It was cold and wet feeling and made me shiver but it felt amazing. He squeezed out some more and smeared in on his arse hole. He rolled onto to his front.
“Now be gentle, I’m pretty tight” I really wasn’t sure what to do so I straddled his thighs, kneeling so my cock lay across his hairy arse. His arse was thick with hair but I could see his soft pink hole glistening with the jelly. First off I fingered it, figuring that if I could get my fingers in then maybe it would stretch to fit my cock. I sat up and he reached around to guide my cock in. I pushed the head against the tight pink folds of his hole, it slid in more easily than I had expected. Mike groaned
“Gently mate” he arched his back so I didn’t push any further, just rotating my cock slightly in his opening.
“Mmm, just take it easy” it actually felt amazing so I pushed a little further
“Argh” Mike arched his back further “slowly”
I started to pump, very gently, without pushing my cock all the way in. It felt amazing, like my penis was on fire. Mike relaxed a bit so I pushed a little further, he groaned so I kept slowly pumping. It felt incredible, I looked down, the sight of my cock inside Mike’s hairy arse was nearly enough to make me cum so I slowed down.

“Keep …. going” Mike’s voice had slowed down and got deeper.
“I might cum” I had only just got the words out when I did cum. I felt like my head was exploding, like someone had poured nectar all over me, that my cock had developed a consciousness of its own. I had fucked a man and I fucking loved it. Mike rolled over and started masturbating himself
“Let me see .. the cum .. drip off .. your cock” I sat up kneeling either side of his writhing hairy body, suddenly he arched his back and let out a howl. The cum shot out of his cock in an arc that hit the bed head. It seemed almost comical, I’d never seen projectile cum shot like it.
“Wow!” He also seemed to produce more cum than I thought was humanly possible.
“Argh” Mike collapsed back onto the bed.
I lay back with my head at the opposite end to Mike, our legs intertwined and the feeling of his furry legs against mine made me reach down and touch them. He was like a real live teddy bear, warm and furry and suddenly limp.
“That was amazing, sorry I came so quickly, I couldn’t help it”
“That’s OK, your dick felt great” Mike looked remarkably relaxed, lying back with his hands behind his head.
“Are you mostly into being fucked?” I was curious, the presence of the jelly made me think I probably wasn’t his first though he was certainly mine.
“I guess so but it doesn’t happen very often, there aren’t many guys like us around here” I loved that Mike was implying that he and I were in some sort of club.
“Look Roger please don’t tell anyone about this, especially not David”  he sat up looking all serious again.
“Of course not, anyway David might get jealous.” I half laughed but Mike shook his head.
“I think David already suspects something, nothing’s ever happened between us but he can get a bit funny around me sometimes. Like this afternoon as soon as I came out in my trucks he was very keen to leave”
In my post-orgasmic haze I was really only dimly aware of the implications of what had just happened, I lay for a short time on the bed with Mike, still enjoying the proximity to his extreme hairiness. Mike swung his legs off the bed, stood up and pulled his trunks back on so I did the same.
“You can use the cold shower by the pool if you want, there’s only a bath inside” Mike was talking back at me as we walked down the hall. The shower was quite shockingly cold so I just stood under it long enough to wash off all the cum, mine and his. Mike was standing watching me which I didn’t mind one bit.
“When are you going back home?” Mike’s question made me wonder if he wanted a rematch.
“Tomorrow morning I think, if the good weather holds Dad wants to start bailing hay this week so he wants to get back in time to get the bailer ready” I decided I should probably go or they’d be back from the races before I got back. We said our goodbyes, Mike gave me a cursory hug and I jumped on the bike and was gone.

The Farmer : A teenage memory from New Zealand By Roger

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  1. The Farmer Story,
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  2. Yes. Great story Roger. As a fellow Kiwi, thanks. So very true in many details. Delightful and well told. I wonder what happened to this farmer later in life. Was his cover ever blown or did society eventually catch up in attitudes. Rural NZ has both a wholesome simplicity, hinted at in your story by the blissful ignorance of the O’Brien’s, but in my experience, more of a sort of kindness and latitude that probably meant the whole district knew but would always be too polite to say so. Out of respect for the man and his parents whom the neighbours obviously respected, probably would never embarrass him as to out him or speak of his private life. My concern would be for your friend David who seems to have a denial to his conduct. Clearly suspects, frequently parades in the man’s pool, but reacts like an offended fool at any suggestion…. me thinks he doth protest too much. Those gentle, quiet “bachelors” existed once in NZ society and no one bothered them. Sad they could never “come out”, but equally dignified in respecting their privacy. Hope to read more of your writing my friend… thanks.

  3. Hello Roger, I think these milestones in our sexual history ignite our passions for the rest of our lives. Thanks for writing this

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