With care, and with loving touches. stroked gently then switching to a nice tight grip. Rubbing my cockhead with a fingertip swirling my precum around the tip. Touching my manhood from my balls all the way up my shaft – every inch stroked and caressed with one hand or two or even three or four. the more touching the better my manhood feels.

A Non

Feather touch strokes, tease me, building up to a more sensual touch. Then I like my manhood to be sensually handled and rubbed gently. A bit of pressure is good and I like my scrotum being fondled gently. Then I like it to be slowing stroked, from the head down, then increasing in firmness as it gets hard, pushing on my balls as u stroke, using both hands and oils, as I have lots of precum, also like that to be used, then with a full body orgasm as my seed shoots out.

Gentle touches at the start to stimulate especially around the tip, then more sturdier movements with focussed understanding, caring about the journey as much as reaching the destination. Soft lingering touches with 1 and then 2 hands touching different parts of me at the same time. Not too fast but continuously and building up to something amazing! Then longer strokes, oiled and building up to a faster and orgasmic ending. I love lube too. Great invention!

I enjoy the touch of another person, of any gender, on my body, especially my penis. I prefer gentle to vigourous massage, and warm oils are always a plus. I like to feel strong hands massaging my inner thighs, lifting them slightly to feel my balls and cock from under. I find it very arousing. Then firmer grips with pressure, my foreskin sliding slowly up and down over my glans, being slapped against a hand (or something else …) I’m also very keen on massaging other’s manhoods; I take great pleasure from giving pleasure.

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