I have been banging on for more than 20 years about the importance of male ejaculation. great to see the mainstream press finally reporting research like this.Lets keep our fingers(or maybe even legs) crossed and wish that the “Prostate Charities” might start telling men about this type of knowledge, as well. There is a more comprehensive study carried out by Professor Graham Giles, head of cancer epidemiology at the Cancer Council Victoria. His research seems to suggest that ejaculations from masturbation are more effective in protecting your prostate, than those had by having sex.

1 thought on “Ejaculations From Masturbation

  1. It’s nothing new there. Remember Jocelyn Elders? Bill Clinton’s crazy surgeon general who advocated masturbation, frot, and other nonpenetrative sex acts to curb the spread of HIV?

    Yeah, many public health officials wish they could talk about such things, but people outside of public health are too squeamish, so funds dry up.

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