Been latino raised in a macho culture it’s been very hard for me because you are always taught to be serious strong, direct, but you are not suppose to be joy for the pleasure of your own body, the beauty in other men, the liberty of playing with your manhood, so this is a place where I can be proud, free, honest, feeling no regrets or shame.


My penis must be treated same as I treat other penises, with absolute focus, finding the ultimate point to pleasure and responsibility. Every single spot must be explored to find the most sensitive one which will become the centre of endless Universe. Once this spot is found the real work begins to concentrate all the energy from other parts of penis to the ultimate act of the Big Bang.The release of the energy will be strong and shared with every one for mutual and perpetual enjoyment.


1 thought on “The Liberty of Manhood Massage

  1. My large thick uncut penis needs to be held firmly from the start, getting it hard by your insistent but not over hard grip whilst stroking my balls. Pulling the skin up and down firmly amd slowly and occassionally speeding up then slowing down again. I like the feeling that you are enjoying my cock and playing with it is giving your pleasure.

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