The lovers of God realizes all these desires are truly the desire for God, and they are all veils covering humanity’s eyes.

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2 thoughts on “The Lovers of God

  1. I met with a god today. He and I are old friends, and I knew he has an amazing cock. Me and him have had a few handjob sessions, but I never tasted his fleshy cock before. I was determined to change that today.
    We walked along a sunny yet fridgid, windy beach, and being Sunday therw were lots of hikers. We knew where to go, and went to the secluded nude area. Even in winter time, people avoid it. We sat down in rock crag facing the ocean. We started reaching for each other’s cocks. He thought we would do the usual handjobs (there’s a long irrelevant story behind that), but then I leaned over and took the huge, bloated cock head into my mouth. He let out a deep sigh that went over into drawn out, loud moan.

    – oh gawd I’ve dreamed about this moment!

    I just made a joyful moan back. His cock was so thick I had trouble keeping it off the inside row of my teeth.

    After sucking him a while I told him to stand up in front of me, while I readied my phone camera. I’ll let the images tell the rest of this story.

    Suck each other’s cocks, Brothers. Worship each other. Love each other.

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