Jerking off with your hand flying up and down is fucking ridiculous. I feel my cock and balls with slow, horny pleasure. I tease and edge it until it’s almost unbearable. I like to feel my cock get like a piece of steel. I love to torture it until it’s unbelievably hard. When I finally let it go, I’m actually dizzy with intense pleasure. Each spurt is extremely horny and delicious. I moan with delight.

I like to take a finger and my thumb at the base of my penis and bring them to the tip to get the first few drops of precum. After that the precum flows nicely. I love to play with my precum. When there is plenty, I rub my urethra very gently. I tense up like I’m gonna cum, but I can’t. I do this over and over and play with he precum. Eventually I just get tired of waiting for the orgasm and adjust my stroke til I cum. But I never go fast like so many guys. I never understand why guys move their hands up and down so fast. I’ve tried it and I have no feeling left. Slow lets me feel everything. I can concentrate on the strong feelings. I can think about my toes curling. I feel the muscles tighten in my groin. I can actually feel the cum starting to move through my body before I have that cross-over feeling and point of no return

Slow Lover

8 thoughts on “(Slow Lover)

  1. Absolutely beautiful furry man, love the hairy legs, feet & toes, big balls & dripping cock, slurp! Wish we could his pits – If they’re as hairy as the rest I could live in them. I can just imagine his pit and ball scent, WOOF!

  2. The urge to ejaculate is primal to bury your cock as it cones deep in a willing hole any one is intense the sensation of your balls tightening and slamming against another bod. When masturbating the same urges take over. Been Cumming since I was 11 now over 50 years later the cum is even more intense. I can be fucking or wanking and the orgasm is still amazing. I get wet as hell

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