7 thoughts on “The Working Man

  1. I love, love, love cumm.co.uk. I am obsessed with your site. 71 but still love all of the hung older, mature men you feature. I am having trouble downloading the pictures this morning. Probably too many of us trying to get on.

  2. Working with your tools all day bi hand gets hard. Works up a thirst. Butt, I love reaching into a man’s toolbox and pulling his nutts tight with a manual shift of my spanner. Perhaps our American cousins call it a monkey wrench, but however your tongue rolls it, the meaning is the same. The job isn’t finished til someone jerks it into place bi a final tug of the tool. Nice and tight. And then some relief for the day, kicking off a healthy appetite and thirst for cold beer and a good wank with your mates. An honest day’s sweat for an honest day’s manhandling. Up the working man who is good with his hands…. I raise my flag and salute you. If my salute looks stiff, it’s because I need your tools to hold it in place and rub some oil to loosen me up now.

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