So like Sex Cox says labels aren’t good thing, but does sound like even though you have a girlfriend, you rather be with a man. What seems to be holding you back is more the stigma of what would your family or friends think. Most people these days don’t care which way you butter your bread. And your parents in the end just want you to be happy. They already know. I am in a sort of similar situation and so far kept it in the closet, so it is possible to try before you buy into the whole thing and see what you want out of life. 


7 thoughts on “Labels Aren’t Good

  1. I am not an ugly man. I am 59 and still alive. I feel like maybe the area I live in is homophonic. I get treated like I am scum of the earth. I am with my ex wife but want to have a mutual friend of my own. How do I seek a man with same tendency’s. I want to share with him what I have inside of me. There is so much love I have to share, but forgetting how to put myself out there to be noticed by the right man. HELP!

  2. If labels are so evil and unimportant, why is it so important to some guys to describe themselves as “str8 guy who loves to suck cock”?

    I’m not a linguist or anything, but… it seems to me like at least the label “str8” is VERY important. 😉

  3. I’m not a fan of labels. I am attracted to women, but there is something about a hot, muscled up stud with a big cock that really gets me going. I’m 50 and still don’t know what I am. I thought in my teen years that I might be gay, because I used to check out all the guys in locker room. I was fascinated with their cocks. I wanted to touch them and suck them. On the other hand, I loved looking at the hot girls. I liked looking at how their boobs moved and giggled. I couldn’t stop staring at their asses. When I finally got to college, I started hooking up with older men secretly. I had a girlfriend but I preferred sex with the men. There was nothing like feeling a silky cock in your mouth, the way his balls would tighten up right before he came in my mouth. But on the other hand, I loved to titty fuck my girlfriend. A man couldn’t do that! I was soooo confused! I finally married a woman and gave up men. But as the years have passed I realized how much I miss cock. Lately, I’ve been cruising a few gay sites for other married, local guys. I haven’t found one yet, but I hope to soon. My point is, I still have no clue if I’m gay, straight or bi! I don’t care anymore. I still like women, but I NEED cock.

    1. Buddy. Not alone mate. Similar story for me. I love a good long shower at the gym and quite often get a tug or a suck. I hand out at various parks where some bloke will usually be around for a run and tug. I love the masculinity of a rough and tumble sort of blokes silent mutual understanding then fuck off like you never met. Perhaps just a quick nod of acknowledgment if you see him in the street later. As for women and silky pussy. There is nothing warmer or nicer that a smooth female arse and tits with a hot wet pussy gliding up and down your pecker. Love them both. Wish I could have them all but such a thing is too often misunderstood. Anyway mate. You have a friend in me. And plenty like us I reckon. Keep it up. Cheers. Bob

  4. Really impressive pics I’m not gay, hardest , a little bit needy all catch
    My Eye but the guy very Handsome guy in Black trousers pink shirt is just for me no share’s
    Just what I need to make 2021 happy healthy and fabulously satisfying,

  5. I see a lot of pics here of gay people .. what comes to my mind .. do straight people make such pictures wearing strange funny underwear ? Or is a typical gay attitude to play girlish – bearish ?
    I always think of a male mating with another male as a real male do …. even if with another guy !
    Who is in my bed and how we act playing the active or passive role or exchanging roles during , does not change that i am a man not a girlish man
    And this is what makes the action spiced with same sex

    1. Fucking hell, that’s a lot of “labels”. I see others as a reflection of myself, in or out of their funny underwear…

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