Here at the HaPenis Project we have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Tiger’s Woodie, what an amazing man. Several years ago, his fellow golf professionals were lining up to make statement about how much of a “bastard” he was. Shame on them. One of things about being a good man, is that sometimes you fuck up. It’s usually about not getting the sex that really, really satisfies you. When that happens, being a man is not about kicking another man when he is down. It’s rather about saying, what a fucking dick!

A big huggie 4 Tiger’s Woodie.

5 thoughts on “Tiger’s Woodie

  1. i would like to suck his huge dick and swallowed his big load in my mouth Tiger woods hoping that he will enjoy it I’m pretty awesome sucking big cock’s

  2. Wow, I knew he couldn’t keep it in his khakis, but I never expected a dick pic. (He’s cheated on his wife multiple times. She eventually went psycho over it.) Then again, it seems everybody and his father has a pen0r pixplzthx now.

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