I used to frequent a gay bar in Louisville KY in the US. One day an older man came into the bar. He let people know that he was straight, but couldn’t get any women to go near his cock because it was so big. He also let us know that he was looking for someone to show him and his cock some love. He went into the bathroom and one by one we all went in and showed that amazingly large cock some love. He was about 11 inches and fat as your wrist. Nobody could really get it in their mouth so mostly we took turns jacking it and licking it while we played with his big nut sack which matched the size of his cock. You can’t always do everything you want to do with a big cock, but as they say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”.


Hi Seb, I’m a producer at Spun Gold TV working on a new documentary which will discuss the hidden problems of having a very large penis. I wondered whether you know of anyone who might be interested in hearing about the project? We’re looking for people to share their positive and negative experiences of having a big one or being with someone who has one. I have attached a flyer and look forward to hearing back. Best wishes,


9 thoughts on “Too Large For Love?

  1. I have known one Gay Man who was considered too large! Women & Men alike were fearful of being hurt by his cock.

    He was a White – French Canadian, and his cock was more than 9″ & Thick. His cock’s size was a Great Burden on him… (sounds sort of silly) but he lacked sexual confidence as a result!

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