Let your heart and spirit speak through your hands. There’s a tendency when people have done a cock massage “course” of some kind for the actions to be mechanical and by rote. By all means use all the techniques it’s possible to learn, but remember that manhood massage is about connection and emotional release, not just about sensation.


To slowly lightly touch, fluff and massage from the base of the phalange to the tip of the glands. To massage the glands in circular motion the glands with attention to the corona. I want the whole body to be involved in the process, from head to too! Touch and sedation everywhere!


I’d like it to be close and intimate. Faces touch, bodies close and feel the warmth. Then I’d like sensual touching, maybe hear the breathing, massage my hips, butt, and wherever else before you get to my penis. If I am pre-cumming, you are doing well! Never had a massage before just to note. Sometimes though I’d like to get it probably have noticed I am more of a submissive guy who’d like to give pleasure and that kind of gets me off as well.


Any way that evokes a long-term sense of empowerment four hand lovingly stroking my man hood to ejaculation is a divine pleasure. firm hands on my manhood is the best I’m cut so concentrate on the shaft. However the odd thumb stroke around the piss slit and frenulum is nice hard and fast.I need my manhood massage to be a part of a whole body massage and aim to feel rejuvenated rather than relaxed at the end. Getting an erection is part of the process of stimulation but I do not want the proverbial ‘happy ending’ of ejaculation. Sexual energy is circulated around the whole of my body by the masseur with careful long, firm, massage strokes – some fast, some slow. Stimulation by oiled fingertips under the penis head (sometimes described as ‘squeezing a lemon’) works for me. Pressing the fingertips behind the balls is a wonderful stimulant and can become stronger as the massage progresses. Stimulation of my nipples goes right to the centre of my nervous system but don’t treat nipples like dials on an (old fashioned) radio. Making circular movements around the nipples using the tip of the index finger achieves the effect in a slow, teasing way.


6 thoughts on “Touched & Caressed

  1. I get absolutely hungry looking at the pictures of all of these penises! I especially love the ones that have two men caressing or otherwise touching each other’s bodies, especially their penises. Call me whatever, I am crazy about penises!

  2. I love getting my mouth close to a man’s body when I’m massaging his body. It’s always a very erotic experience. My hot breath glancing off his body as I explore and stimulate as well as massage his entire body from head to toe. I like to take my time touching and my mouth gently grazing along with my hands over his erogenous zones. My sexual energy and passion for pleasing him transferring from my body to his.
    Him feeling all my passion as I explore and tease him. Always starting with him laying on his stomach and me starting at his head and neck. Shoulders arms while my body lowers onto his slightly then more and then down his back down down occasionally sliding a hand back up around his head. Especially if he’s bald. But still either way it stimulates the brain and reminds it so receives the sexual energy in sending.
    Down down his back then gently grazing my fingertips over his buttocks. Sliding between his legs and parting them I slide down his thighs and back up slowly and methodically. Ever so lightly at first then easing into a massage touch. My mouth lowers to his lower back as I slide a hand gently up between his thighs up and tease his balls as my mouth breathes and kisses his back … more?

    1. Absolutely beautiful, and my imagination fills in all the details of how sensuous your massages must be. Let it continue for a couple of hours.

  3. Quality comes in abundance on this web page both the messages and the pics of handsome men amazing bodies and very well endowed it’s a yes please from me ,

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