My name is Moose. I was 21 when I was drafted into the Army back in 1968. I was also still in the closet back then. I always knew that I was attracted to men since my earliest memories, but I never did anything about it until I arrived at my first Army duty station after basic training. The military didn’t send me off to Vietnam, like they did to the majority of draftees back in the late 1960’s….but instead shipped me off to a mobile missile base in Germany. At this base in Germany, I went to the gang shower room for the first time and could not believe all of the beautiful men, all naked and showering with me. Suddenly, I just could not control my self any longer after seeing all of those handsome, youthful and perfect bodies naked all of the time. ….I could not control myself any longer and started to show an erection while looking at some of the finest cocks and bubble butts all in one room. Finally, a young recruit from Utah noticed that I was aroused one day while he was in that shower room. His name was Craig and he was gorgeous. His eyes were a sensational blue color and his hair was dark, almost black in color. He had a swimmers body with a long, fat cock when soft, and a bubble butt that was pure perfection. Long story short….he became the recipient of my very first blow job. I sucked his cock as if it was going to be my last one. I sucked it so well in fact, that he told me……”that is the best blow job I have ever had….and I had many girls give me blow jobs !!!” Needless to say, Craig let me suck him off every time he got horny…and that was frequently, after all, for he was just 20 years old.

Soon I was sucking cock on that isolated base for around thirty different guys. Whenever a guy needed/wanted to be sucked off, he simply would locate me and motion with his hand stoking his cock through his pants. That was the signal for me to meet them in the very last row of particianed off comodes in the latrine. ( there were three rows of six each partitoned off toilets, and that last row was hardly ever used, and so, we had total anonymity while back there). I would go to the bathroom, down to the last partitoned toilet in the last row, and sit on the toilet waiting for my next cock to suck. Each young horney soldier would enter the cubicle at the end of the row, secure the door and then drop his pants before me. Some days I would suck off up to 15 cocks. After separating from the military and upon my return home to the states, I was so addicted to sucking cock every day, that I searched out every place known in my area where men would go for a quick and indiscrete blow job. (interestingly, it was mostly married men whose wives did not like to suck cock). Over the many years since my Army days, I must have sucked cocks into the thousands. I often wonder what would be my story today if those very first soldiers I use to suck off, so many years ago, had instead felt repolsion at the thought of having some queer suck their cocks and take their loads, and instead beat the shit out of me and turn me into the authorities. But they didn’t….not one reported me, nor did they ever hurt me !! I suppose the reason was that the base where we were stationed at was so isolated and far away from any towns….and woman…..that they figured that a blow job from some faggot was better then jerking off in those comodes. My heart felt “thank you” to all of those men who dropped thier pants in those cubicles and allowed me to suck them off over and over and over again. I often think about them all and where they are now. I also wonder what was their justification for allowing a faggot to suck their cocks. ….what was their thoughts back then about allowing me to perform for them. Was it as simple as just their luck that a faggot, who likes to suck cock, is also stationed here with us in this awful place ?

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  1. Cuando estuve haciendo el sevicio mitar en 1973 varios sodados y dos suboficiales y tres oficiales me hicieron seco oral.y me entregaron el ano.

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