One of my naughtiest fantasies is a guy wearing a kilt. He can be as old as 50 and above. He and I are at a secret place, he gives a sexy smile then he reveals what’s under his kilt. Masculinity and a smile that’s the best combination. Maybe he gives me a personal show by letting me get under and look up at the view. I’d drip cum so hard if that ever should happen! Kilts are so hot. Love it when men older than me show them off (and a bonus when they reveal what’s under them too!) Chris

15 thoughts on “Under His Kilt

  1. Okay,In the nineties,I was on my way back to West London,having taken part in a fashion show. I’m glad to say I wasn’t alone,there was a very handsome Irish bloke in the passenger seat. I think it must have been a Saturday afternoon,as we approached Twickenham there was a traffic jam and after first slowing down the traffic stopped moving altogether.There were barricades down the sides of the road trying to funnel the crowd to cross at a nearby foot bridge.Youve probably guessed that it was a Scottish team playing,I didn’t give a damn.The fit guys were in no mood to be told what to do and one after the other Volted over the fences.We sat there praying the traffic wouldn’t move, it was before mobiles had cameras and we were blessed with the sight of so many cock and balls,arses,all fleeting all OMG. and it was before that expression too.

    1. There is nothing hotter that men could wear than kilts. I get wet every time I see a nice dick under that kilt, naughty.

  2. Man I to be in Scotland to lay in the grass with a Scottish man in a kilt over me tasting his cum as I see his beautiful cock and balls !

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