Hi Seb. Hope all OK with you. Your site is an incredible discovery, a Pandora’s box. At first it looks-totally disorganized but then that is part of the charm and it’s a special, unique style. I seem to find something new and intriguing every time I visit. I feel my sense of maleness is greatly enhanced when I go through your material – an interesting effect. I’m sure that this is how you, yourself, would like to be described as well. I’d like to add something to your piece on tantric pussy massage by suggesting you take a look at this: It is an article which greatly enhanced my knowledge of the subject and, as a result, I have been fortunate enough to have the enriching experience of giving more than a few ladies a very stimulating time. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful site. I read somewhere, I no longer remember where, that eternity is that time between finishing fucking your girlfriend and her getting out of bed to go home. I wonder how many of us can identify with that? And is it the same for a guy who has finished fucking his boyfriend? But, in that period of time there is the opportunity to pass the most blissful twenty minutes that life has to offer, those twenty minutes which begin when the last drops of cum have been spent and your limp dick slips from her squelchy pussy and which end when your hormone levels recover their normal balance. The question is: why is this the time a woman chooses to begin an in-depth discussion of your relationship with her? The chances are that in the hours proceeding sex you have done everything you know to charm her and create an erotic atmosphere. When in bed, you have used all your knowledge, skill and energy to relax her, arouse her, pleasure her and, hopefully, satisfy her. If actions speak louder than words, then you have shouted her name from the rooftops. So how come she can’t have the grace to let you spend your twenty minutes of bliss in peace and quiet? Do you really have to listen to all her questions and, when inevitably you don’t find a satisfactory answers, be accused of not caring and only wanting to talk to her when you want to fuck her? After all, it is only twenty minutes and then you will be back to your normal, attentive self again. I have another question: is it the same between two men? If you fuck with another man and you both have your orgasms, does he then start asking you about how much you love him? Or does he, like you, just want to be left alone for his twenty minutes. I suspect the later and can’t help but think that there is no better advert for gay sex. Cheers for now – Graham I live in South Africa. Up the Springboks – and you can interpret that as you like.

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  1. Hi Seb, I saw that you posted my last email to you – well, it is always good to see your own words up there for all to see – I am sure you know what I mean. I don’t normally get involved with the frenzy of buying gifts at this time of year but this year I decided to make an exception. For a few special people I thought it would be good to send a small packet of things which they might like and which I am sure they will put to good use. One of the packets is on its way to you, via this email.

    What does it contain you may wonder. Well, I know a place up in the high mountains where I can find all kinds of things. The first things I found were reason and understanding. There is a lot available at the moment because not many people have a use for them. I think you might be one of the few who already has lots but I am sure that if I give you more you will know what to do with them. I found a lot of smiles. I am sending you plenty of those and I know you will pass them on.

    In your packet there is a huge amount of passion for life, of which we can never get enough. Take this and let it fill your spirit. I could have got hold of false pride, jealousy and envy but I didn’t bother because I know you have no use for them. Of course, from Africa, I am sending you sunshine, warm rain, and the pulse beat of the planet, which gets lost on the wind if you don’t listen carefully. Please don’t forget to use the smiles Keep well

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