I’d like to be treated with respect and with a gentle, sensitive touch. Warmly, exploitative, openly. It’s better in person than in words. I’d like to have my balls tugged and my skin pulled forward over my head until my cock becomes firm. Once it is hard, I’d like to have the shaft stroked with a firm grip. Alternate between pulling my skin over my head with as much force as possible and stroking the shaft all while tugging on my testicles. I am open to new manhood massage experiences, and I would like to feel the pleasures that brothers can evoke.

I would like to have my manhood massaged the same way I would massage another man’s. Thoughtfully, imaginatively, drawing on my masculinity, with a mixture of strength and tenderness. I really believe that massage, like sex, is just a form of communication. you have to listen and communicate as in any conversation, except you don’t use words, just touch. Is that 81 words?

I want you to take more time checking in with me personally and not assume my lingam(penis) is like most other mens’ lingam. I want you to use OIL ! I like to listen to Chillstep or melodic Asian Trip Hop while having the massage. I want you to include my nipples, I like my balls actually held, not massaged. I will give you lots of instructions.

Slowly and teasing with lots of edging, ball massage too. Light strokes, alternating rhythm, just under the head. Slowly and around the tip With imagination, sensitivity and creativity.

10 thoughts on “With Respect

  1. That is just what I would enjoy to give and receive. Many massages are leading to a happy ending instead of the sensual build up of a prolonged, sensual and erotic massage with the erect penis part of the whole massage.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. trading massages with two guys, four hands, so hot, so sweet, so tactile, so musky, exploratory fun explosive

  3. 81 words might be a tall task but I guess I’m looking to join this group to learn new ways to have my nanhood massaged. I generally like to stoke it dry till i blow but I do love to edge and watch others stroke as well.

  4. …and rolling each bollock between his thumb and index finger, and palpating my spermatic cords almost as if I were having a medical.

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