Dear Seb: Finding your site, I found myself experiencing my new level, so I thought, What can I give him in return?” Do you know the great American poet Walt Whitman? In a poem he describes a man’s body as “Plumb in the uprights and braced in the beam,” which is good for long-lived barns and just the way I like men, body and soul! Whitman wrote: “Love builds its Mansions in the place of excrement.” Cool huh? Whitman had a bad experience when he was a young schoolteacher in Southold, Long Island (I live nearby in Southampton Long Island.) He was tarred and feathered and “riden out of town on a rail” History does not record why, but I think we know. Maybe his later creative flowering was activated by the early negative treatment. To remain he had to create beauty. So, to change the subject, I’ll begin to plan a trip to London, which will involve a number of sessions with you, beginning at the very beginning and proceeding in a rational course of action and unfoldment, hopefully concluding with a deep massage by the end of the week! Sexually, I’m deeply impregnated with American culture. However, maybe some time with an English lorry driver or guardsman would have me saying “You want my arse, bloke?” in a nanosecond. In any case, my best to you


“Sure as the most certain sure, plumb in the uprights, well entretied, braced in the beams,
Stout as a horse, affectionate, haughty, electrical,
I and this mystery here we stand.”

“Entretied” was one of his homemade additions to the English lexicon: a Frenchy word for the bracework and joinery that brings vertical and horizontal together, one he (surely) didn’t hear on a job site in Brooklyn.

2 thoughts on ““Entretied”

  1. Buttfucking would be rare in Whitman’s day. In the 19th century, mutual masturbation (commonlY called “a chaw for a chaw”) was the male sex act. As the gay community separated from other men, oral sex replaced masturbation, while straight men kept masturbating together. Straight men might also be sucked, but not suck. Anal became the gay sex act in the 70s.

    All of this for the assumption that a defining sex act is necessary.

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