Here I am shooting a massive load after 81 minutes making love to my beloved. With my big cock it feels really, really tight. I love knowing men wank watching my beloved videos.

6 thoughts on “My Beloved

  1. ditto the above comments, for sure ; in addition, I occasionally love a warm cum shot on my asshole with a cock-head rub afterwards to stimulate me

  2. Fuck just blew me away
    Just wanted to swallow it all and the cock Wow all your birthdays cum together
    Great 1st Prize………………………………

  3. I’d love to get down on my knees in front of that beautiful FUCK pole in the flesh light and just as you pull your cock out of it, ram that big piece of meat down my throats and shoot that hot load right down my gullet.

  4. Would have shot that big load straight into my own mouth…! I do it all the time 😉

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