Gently, at first, with a slight touch of the fingertips barely caressing my shaft and scrotum. With a gradual build in pressure and intensity only to revert back to the gentle touch. Repeat often. For the big finale, squeeze the lower part of the shaft–close to my pelvis– and work diligently.


I like to be rubbed up a bit, then helped to be undressed to create the experience of exploring while creating anticipating the surprise of what is going to be wopped out from the pants. I like a warm tongue circling my clocks head in circular motion, followed by warm wet lips taking my cock in mouth nice and deep. I like different mouth strokes followed by hands also using different strokes at different speeds. I enjoy been brought close to ejaculate and paused and continue building up before been rewarded with a mind blowing release. I don’t seem to enjoy having my balls fondled, but open minded to try and experience new discoveries. Mic

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