vidsh on YouTube?

Was part of this study the reason for the “What is ED?” vidsh on YouTube? I gotta tell you those are so damn hot! They feature a number of older men in different stages of and in some cases later treatments of Erectile Dysfunction. Just try to find the one that is probably the only vid I’ve seen on the site that can get away with anal vibration then a part where the guy starts moaning then shoots his sperm. They have got to be seen to be believed. Sign me up for that treatment! Craig

I had a really good mate for many years. He was an escort, who used to advertise as the man with the biggest white cock in the UK. One of the services he used to offer his clients was vibrating the area between their are and balls with a device called a baileys ejaculator. I tried it once, god almighty did I Instantly shoot a huge load. I was well and truely milked. Mr Cox

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