1. Art Of Ejaculation
  2. Ultimate Ejaculation bi Lovedreamer
  3. Brother Leo – The Priapic Invocation
  4. Hans 1
  5. Hans 2
  6. Corona Extra
  7. Paul B
  9. Shaz – ‘Bandana Sequence (final frames)
  10. Just Face It – Libertinetimes.com
  11. Steve – Poet and Singer/Songwriter
  12. JayX Muscle
  13. Bonsoir – Le Non Jazz
  14. Shoot Your Shot Tiger From Paul Tait
  15. Piotr – Tantric Bliss
  16. Jay Jacks
  17. Ejaculation Haiku – John Holder
  18. Ted’s Ejaculation
  19. Inspired by Aleister Crowley
  20. Previous Exhibitions
  21. Variations on a Theme By John


46 thoughts on “The Art Of Ejaculation 01/12/20

  1. I have a biracial situation being creole has a downside I just saw interview with a vampire and they change the white to Afro American and it was great to see but the erotic thing between lestat and Louis was unbelievable so it did turn me on . But it hard just reading the book but seeing this makes me go to get a creole boy to have sex and cuming with him it’s a rush

  2. Awesome load. Such a waste, there are so many hungry cocksuckers out there ready to service him.

  3. Bless him ~ he appreciates what he has and uses it to its fullest advantage ~~~ rejoicing at the finish! Something that all we Gay Men should learn to do before we leave this planet. There are no 2nd chances…

  4. … an absolutely wonderful advertisement for Corona Beer! It really is the best beer going! Take a swig and give a beautiful explosion of CUM once a day, every day!

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