I’m not a gym guy and it’s been a long time since I saw the natural sight of other guys butts in a communal setting, but I do get instantly drawn to a good looking arse (especially in jeans) and linger on that eye candy a little longer . I think for me, it’s knowing that the motion of the male butt in thrusting the cock is a gorgeous sight – regardless of who is on the other end. Also, a hairy butt is something I’d love but not been blessed with even though I’m quite a hirsute man – at the front !


I think we just want to compare ourselves and see what the other guy has. Also we all notice well build or handsome people of the opposite and same sex. This is totally natural. When I was a kid I used to look at my father’s nude body. I would wonder if I will Look like that when I was older. He knew I was looking and would laugh and say , your body will develop as you get older too. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation .

Robert Thomas

I am getting old and there is something that always shamed me I have never touched a man in any way that could be sexual but my shame lies in looking at other guys butts—especially in open locker room or shower—-Since i have been going to the same Y with alot of the same guys all my life I sure know what each butt looks like however, I still kind of like to look in a very subtle way—This has caused me alot of shame. Any other guys look at another guys bare butt? Charlie


17 thoughts on “Why Do Sraight Men Check-out Other Guys Butts?

  1. When I was a kid , I would see my dad naked all the time. He would be shaving with the bathroom door open and be nude. I would watch him take off all his dirty work clothes and jump in the shower. He was not doing anything wrong. When he noticed me really looking at his cock and knew I was starring at his ass, He would say, one day you will be a man and your body will develop and you’ll have hair too. Your penis will get bigger and so will your testicles. You will most likely have hair on your butt checks and in the crack. Being curious is a natural thing.
    He told me I could ask him about anything. After these talks his habits did not change , he saw nothing wrong with me seeing him and he taught me how to take care of my body and be a man. More father and sons can bond this way.

  2. We all want to see how we compare to other men. We want to see if we measure up!
    Also guys want to check out the new trends such as, to shave or not to shave. Some men have art work tattooed on their lower body. I used to ask straight men i at the gym if I could see the entire tattoo . They were proud to show their butt to me so I could see it all. We learn from watching others. It’s totally natural.

  3. A very nice arse comes in many colours a work of art captured by many artists over centuries , very pleasing to touch hold and fondle don’t be shy enjoy every opportunity get in there I just love it above there are all fabulous

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