Hello Love you site. New to prostate playing but do it as much as possible when alone. Wife not at all interested. Tim

Hello Tim, I think i have said it else where on my website that I consider it a wife’s duty to gently massage her husbands prostate at least twice a week. She should become very familiar with the shape and feel of this heavenly pleasure gem because by that stimulation she will learn alot about her pleasure gem. Butt, if your wife is not interested, buy yourself one of the more expensive prostate massagers. Make sure it says ANEROS or NEXUS on the label. Make your prostate play time just for yourself to relax yourself into the ride of your life, each and every time. You deserve that, as you have such an amazingly manly arse. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SACRED JOURNEY. A big hug, Mr Cox

2 thoughts on “New to Prostate Playing

  1. Hi from Australia,

    Can we discuss about Je Joue NUO and Lelo Hugo?? anyone have this?

    Thank you

  2. I love prostate massage. I have a neighbor who massages me twice a week starting with fingers and toys, and finishing with his cock. I always orgasm when I feel his cock grow in my ass as he cums.

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